How To Install Two Hard Drives On Single Laptop

We tend to accumulate tons of GBs on our computer irrespective of storing the data on external devices and yet expect it to run faster. And, why not? We all want some of our data on our devices all the time or want to run multiple operating systems, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux and more. Thus, to add extra space on our computer can be comforting for many of us.

In this post, we will walk you through steps to install hard drives on a single laptop.

Before you install the dual hard drive on your laptop, you need to check that your laptop has CD/DVD ROM.

Things You Need to Install HDD & SSD in Laptop:

  1. SSD or HDD that you need to install
    SSD or HDD that you need to install
  2. HDD Caddy
    HDD Caddy
  3. Screwdriver to open your laptop’s CD/DVD-ROM

Once you have all the tools listed above, you can proceed further.

How to Set Up Multiple Hard Drives?

To get it started, follow these steps:

  • Unpack your HDD Caddy and fix your HDD or SSD into HDD Caddy. Push it properly to the SATA port to make sure that SATA connector is connected properly to HDD.
  • Now, pick up a screwdriver which is an appropriate fit for your system.
  • Flip your laptop and remove the screws near your laptop’s DVD-ROM.

Note: In some of the laptops, you need to open the back panel of your laptop to locate the screws of DVD-ROM.

  • Once you have successfully removed the screws, take out DVD-ROM by pushing it in the outward direction.
  • Remove the upper cover of your CD/DVD ROM and remove the HDD Caddy cover.

Note: The aforementioned step is important to be done, to protect your CD/DVD ROM to prevent any kind of damage.

  • Place the cover of DVD ROM to HDD Caddy.
  • As you have already set the SSD or HDD to your HDD Caddy, you just need to set your HDD Caddy in place of CD/DVD ROM.
  • Once done, you need to put back all the screws in place to wind it up.

Now that you have tightened all the screws, it is time to check whether you have successfully added second hard drive to the laptop.

  • To do that, turn on your laptop and sign in to your Windows.
  • Now locate start button and, right click on it to get context menu. Locate and click on Disk Management.

How to Set Up Multiple Hard Drives

Note: Press Windows Button + X to get the menu and click Disk Management or press Windows and R key together to get the Run box and type diskmgmt.msc to launch Disk Management.

  • As Disk Management window shows the drives and partitions on it, you can check Hard Disks installed on your laptop.
    How to Set Up Multiple Hard Drives-1
  • If you get to see two hard drives in the panel that means you have set up multiple HDD drives or SSD on your laptop.

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To Wrap Up

So, we have listed the simplest way to add a second hard drive to laptop. In case we have missed on something or if there is any other way to install SSD on your laptop, fill us in! If you face any issues while following the steps, comment below.

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