How To Free Up Space In Gmail?

When you see thousands of e-mails in your inbox, thoughts come to your mind, was it like this always? Well, you are not the only one, this problem exists with many of us. Even though the provided storage space has increased with time, it always seems less. Have you experienced a large portion of the space filled up already in Gmail? A normal Gmail account has about 15GB of space provided in Google Drive, which is a very huge space. Whereas, Gmail Suite for business accounts used by professionals has 30 GB of data space. You will get a notification prompting, Gmail storage is full. This is why you are here, and we promise to help you with multiple methods to check space in Gmail.

Ways To Free Up Space In Gmail?

Method 1:

The best method which gives you an option to clear up space in Gmail immediately. It will require you to divide your inbox into various categories. This helps in putting the mails in different places which is visibly easy to understand. We can make better decisions for clearing out an entire section in one go.

If you do not know how to sort the Inbox in categories, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Gmail on a Web browser on your computer.
  2. Locate Settings from the right side.
  3. Head to Inbox, and the first option is Inbox Type.
  4. Now move to second option Category which shows – Primary, Social, Promotions Updates, Forums. Put a checkmark beside all categories.freeup space in gmail
  5. Right below in this Starred Mails in Primary is also mentioned. Check the box.
  6. Click on Save Changes.

Now you will see the Inbox divided into different categories, Check the entire section and click on clear all.

freeup space in gmail-1

In this way, you can keep deleting emails in lesser important folders such as Forums, updates, and promotions.

Method 2:

This method will require you to have the mail sorted with date. You will be able to see many refined results after this process. It is true that you don’t want to let go of a few of the mails but that must be filtered. To do so, let’s start with these steps:

Step 1: Open Gmail on a web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Sort the mails with Oldest first, and you can start by taking a quick look and delete the ones which are unnecessary in a page wise.

Step 3: Try to use the filter method of filtering the mail by a certain date.

Type – before: 2015/07/01

It will show you all the emails in your Inbox before the specific date. This is an easy method to clear space in Gmail.

Method 3:

Delete large files which are attached with the mail, there are two ways to achieve that. Either go by the shortcut method, which is to type the below in the search tab of your Inbox. You need to perform these actions on the Gmail window on a web browser.

In one method, you need to click on the search bar and type the following:

Type – has:attachment larger_than_10mb

Another method is to click for more options in the Search bar, and select the size and click on Search.

Both the results will show you the mails with attachments, and you can select them all or filter and clear them.

Does Archiving Free Up Space In Gmail?

No, ultimately the messages are taking up storage in the Gmail account. They just get shifted to a new folder, and thus the Inbox will show less space when you check Gmail storage. It is evident that you need to clear messages from Trash and delete cache too. Being a part of the mail, it will be included in the space and therefore again, you will see with the storage.

What happens when Gmail storage is full?

Since Gmail provides a better way to organize, we tend to forget about the redundancy we are creating by filling up space. It is simple to understand that there is a need to sort and keep important emails and get rid of all others.

A message bar will start appearing in the inbox on your web browser. It will state that the Gmail Storage is full and you need to take care of it.

Do you stop getting emails in your inbox when it’s completely full? Yes, and an automated message is sent to the people trying to send you an email which says – ‘The email you are trying to reach has exceeded its storage quota’. It will keep trying to send you the mail and therefore, if you free up Gmail space you will receive the queued mails.


Wrapping up:

This is how you can easily free up space on Gmail. Freeing up space can be an easy task but, what if you don’t want to delete most of the mails. As, this will not resolve the issue of no space left for more. Need not to worry, it can be sorted in a simple way of keeping more than one gmail account. You can start by separating your personal and professional Gmail accounts. Setting up multiple accounts will give you more space and also you can use these accounts on the same device.

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