How To Fix SS3svc32.exe at startup in Windows 10

SS3svc32.exe popping up on Startup? This pop-up alert usually comes followed with a message “Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher?” So, what exactly does it mean? Is it a virus?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.


In this post, we will be learning all about what is SS3svc32.exe on startup, what is it, what causes it, and most importantly how to get rid of this alert on Windows 10.

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Let’s get started.

What is SS3svc32 EXE?

Before we learn about ways to fix the SS3svc32.exe process on Windows 10, here’s a basic understanding of what this process is all about. SS3 is an acronym for Sonic Studio 3, a process developed by ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG). The Sonic Studio 3 suite comprises sound settings, noise reduction, volume playback stability, and other audio settings. SS3svc32.exe process can also be installed along with other driver packages, including Realtek HD audio driver.

Is SS3svc32.exe a virus?

The SS3SVC32.exe process comes along with ASUS motherboards as a built-in audio function. Most users have a common misconception of associating this process with a virus. Well, it’s not! Also, just to make you feel more relieved, this process does not impact your PC’s performance in any way.

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How do I get rid of SS3svc32 EXE?

Here are a few workarounds that you can try for dealing with the “ss3svc32.exe popping up on startup” issue on Windows 10.

Fix SS3svc32.exe at startup

#1 Uninstall Sonic Studio 3

One of the most effective ways to get rid of the annoying pop-up alert is by uninstalling the Sonic Studio app from your device.

Press the Windows icon, select the gear-shaped icon to open Settings.

Select “Apps and Features”.

Uninstall Sonic Studio 3 

Scroll down through the list of apps to find “Sonic Studio 3”. Tap on it and select the “Uninstall” button.

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#2 Run Sonic Studio 3 as Admin

Uninstalling Sonic Studio 3 didn’t fix the issue? Here’s another method that you can try!

Open Windows Explorer.

Navigate to this location: C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation\.

Locate the ss3svc32.exe process in the folder, right-click on it and select “Properties”.

In the Properties window, switch to the “Compatibility” tab. Tap on the “Change Settings for all users” option.

Run Sonic Studio 3 as Admin

Tap on the “Run this program as Administrator” option.

Hit the OK and Apply button to save the recent changes.

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#3 Rename the File

This is another workaround that you can try for getting rid of the ss3svc32.exe on the startup issue.

Manually altering the file name of the process can help you for fixing the issue so that you don’t get to see the annoying alert each time you restart your device.

Open Windows Explorer.

Navigate to this location: C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3\Foundation\.

Locate the ss3svc32.exe process, right-click on it and select “Rename”.

Type any file name of your choice to rename the file. Hit the OK button to save your changes.

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Here were a few workarounds to address the “ss3svc32.exe popping up on startup issue”. By following the above-mentioned solutions, you can get rid of the annoying alert that displays at the time of startup. Good luck!

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