How To Fix Spotify Not Working On Your Device

Spotify is a dedicated platform for music lovers as it has millions of tracks from all around. If this is what you use for music streaming service on your phones, tablets or desktops, then it must be a nightmare if it goes down all of sudden. Sometimes, you can face issues while using the app or on the web browser. In this article, we will discuss why Spotify not working for your devices.

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How To Fix Spotify Not working ?

If you are able to see any of the error messages like ‘Spotify is offline’ or ‘No internet connection’ detected, then perform these steps:

  • The first instinct will be to check the internet connection.
  • Check for Wi-Fi or data availability and reconnect to your internet connection.
  • Relaunch the app (Smartphones or Tablets or PC) Or Restart the web page.
  • Check if you have received any message on the expiry on your account if you are trying to listen to music offline. Only the Spotify Premium members can avail this service.
  • Try to inspect the problem, if it is some internal issues with your device.
  • If tracks are all greyed out, the app is not letting you play music.

If you are not seeing any of the above-mentioned issues, then let’s move forward to other possible errors and their solutions to resolving your ‘Spotify not working’ problem.

  • Unable to download a song for offline use, it might seem annoying but sometimes it’s just as simple as you have crossed the limit. Yes, there is a limit set for downloading the songs to your device, which is 3333. Seems enough? but that’s not exactly true, as avid music lovers don’t tend to keep track and one day is short of any downloads. You thought it’s because Spotify is not working, but it’s working fine.
  • Can’t add a song to Spotify? Made you wonder is Spotify not working? The answer is No, as you can add songs. This again has a catch to it, as per user 10,000 songs can be uploaded in a playlist. Check this then simply creates another playlist with a new name and add the songs there.
  • Spotify not working, as the songs are not playing? Check Settings, for one may have left it on Offline mode and trying to connect to new music which is unavailable. You can see an option under the playback which will let you go back to online mode. Spotify Premium allows you to listen to songs in offline mode, so whenever you do not have the connectivity you still have access to your favorite songs. But when you trying to listen to something which is not downloaded for offline, you would think Spotify is not working.
  • Spotify not working on phone? Try to reconnect to the internet, clean the cache, re-login, also check for updates. If the issue persists, try to look for expiration date of your account.

If you are not using the premium account than Ads will play in between the tracks, and Spotify bans all ad blockers.

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Whether you miss playing Spotify while driving as it supports a car drive option which is safer. You don’t need to keep checking your phone to change the music. If you are facing issues of Spotify not working in the car, try reconnecting and check the internet connection. Turn off the Car view and Turn it back on in a few seconds and see if it works.

Spotify Not Working On Windows Due To Outdated Drivers?

If the sound is the issue or the app refuses to play properly on Windows, it might be an issue of device drivers. This issue can be easily fixed by updating drivers with the help of a tool. We recommend using the Advanced Driver Updater to keep the drivers up to date. The tool helps majorly in fixing the issue of no sound on your PC. It is an easy to use tool which automatically keeps the drivers updated on Windows. This eventually helps in running all apps smoothly.

Spotify Not Working On Any Device?

Just as in a recent event a large number of users reported that Spotify isn’t working. So keep in mind to check online for sometimes the app or server can be down on a rare occasion. You will find news on it if this has been the reason for Spotify not working. Transfer your Spotify playlists to YouTube music and don’t miss on the music. Also, listen to podcast on other free online players.

Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, the tips will resolve the ‘Spotify not working’ issue for you. If you have any other methods, please let us know in the comment section below. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep getting updates on a regular basis.

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