How to Fix Internal Power Error on Windows 10

The Internal Power error is typically a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) exception that may stop your device from further functioning. 

So, you just got stuck with this Blue Screen of Death stop code error message, we’re here for your rescue. In this post, we have covered a few solutions that will allow you to resolve the Internal Power Error on Windows 10 PC. 

: Internal power error
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But before we begin, let’s get a basic understanding of what is this error all about and why causes it. 

What is the Internal Power Error? What Causes it? 

The Internal Power Issue is stuck on your device as a constant loop and doesn’t leave you with many options to get past this hindrance. It typically occurs due to outdated/corrupt drivers or when a small size of hibernation file is created by the system. 

But yes, nothing to worry about. Fortunately, there are a couple of resolutions that you can try for fixing this Blue Screen exception. 

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How to Fix the Internal Power Error on Windows 10

We’re sure by now you must’ve tried rebooting your device several times, right? If rebooting your machine didn’t bring much luck, let’s try a few different solutions. 

#1 Update the System Drivers

As we mentioned earlier, if your system is operating on outdated drivers it can lead you to experience Blue Screen interruptions. Hence, we will now fix all the system drivers to check whether it resolves the issue.

Press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box. 

Type “Devmgmt.msc” in the textbox, hit Enter to open the Device Manager.

: Internal power error

In the Device Manager window, look for any triangular-shaped exclamatory icons next to any option. If you find these icons, right-click on them and select the “Update Driver” option. 

Follow the on-screen instructions listed on the wizard to fetch the latest update of drivers from the web. 

Make sure you update all the outdated/corrupt system drivers listed in the Device Manager.

Use a Third-party Driver Updater Tool

The process of manually updating the system drivers can get too hectic. Don’t you think so? Well, you can take the help of a driver updater tool instead. Download the Smart Driver Care utility tool on Windows that automatically scans and searches your device for outdated or corrupt system drivers. In just one click, you can update all the outdated system drivers and software installed on your device by using the Smart Driver Care driver updater tool. Here’s what you need to do.

Install the Smart Driver Care on your Windows 10 PC.

Press the “Scan Now” button to get started. 

Smart Driver Care

The tool will now get to work and in just a fraction of seconds it will list down all the outdated/corrupt/missing drivers installed on your device. Check on all the items that you need to update and then hit the “Update All” placed on the top-right corner. 

#2 Edit the Size of Hibernation File

Launch the Start menu search, type “Command Prompt”, right-click on its icon, and select the “Run as Administrator” option.

: Internal power error

In the Command Prompt shell, type the following command and hit Enter. 

powercfg /hibernate /size 100

By executing the command, we’re increasing the size of the hibernation file. After making the above-mentioned changes, reboot your machine whether you’re still facing the Internal Power Error on your device.

#3 Uninstall the Graphic Driver

In our next workaround, we’ll try uninstalling the display drivers of your device to check if it helps in fixing the issue.

Launch the Start menu search and type “Advanced System Settings”. Hit Enter.

: Internal power error

In the System Properties window, switch to the “Hardware” tab.

Tap on the “Device Installation Settings” button.

: Internal power error

Select the “No (your device might not work as expected” option and then press the Ok button to save changes. 

After repeating the above set of steps, reboot your device if you’re still facing the stop code error. If not then re-install a fresh and latest copy of graphic drivers from the manufacturer’s official website. 

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#4 Change Power Settings

Launch the Start menu search, type “Power options” hit Enter. Windows will now be redirected to the Control Panel where you can customize the power plan settings of your device. 

: Internal power error

Tap on the “Change Plan Settings” option situated next to your selected plan.

: Internal power error

To edit the plan, tap the “Change Advanced Power Settings” option placed on the bottom.

: Internal power error


In the Power Options window, navigate to Hard Disk> Turn Off hard disk After. 

: Internal power error

Set the “Turn off hard disk after” value to 0. Hit the OK button to save your recent changes. 


Here were a few effective solutions that will allow you to resolve the Internal Power error on your Windows 10 machine. Handling Blue Screen errors require just a little patience to follow a few troubleshooting steps and that’s it! Do let us know which solution worked out the best for you.

For any other queries or assistance, feel free to reach out! 

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