How To Fix High CPU Usage In Google Chrome in Windows

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most widely used browser across the globe. It is popular among different types of users as it is easy to use and supports many extensions for advanced features. However, there is one shortcoming of this browser that is not known to many. And that is the high consumption of your CPU resources and Memory or RAM. This makes your resources over occupied and may result in lag errors, freezing, crashing, and battery drain issues. This guide discusses various methods to fix Google Chrome’s high CPU usage issues in Windows 10.

Different Methods On How To Fix High CPU Usage In Google Chrome

There are different methods recommended by experts to reduce Google Chrome CPU usage. You can try using them in any order you like and check Chrome high disk usage after each method. There is no need to follow more steps after you have resolved the issue.

Method 1: Update Chrome

If your Google Chrome is using too much CPU resources, then this can be due to the result of a bug or error which will be fixed by the developers by releasing an update. It is important to keep your OS, drivers, and apps updated to ensure enhanced performance. Here are the steps to update Google Chrome:

Step 1: Launch Chrome and click on the three dots on the top right corner and hover your mouse over Help in the dropdown menu list.

Step 2: A new set of options will appear where you have to click on About Google Chrome.

reduce chrome cpu usage

Step 3: The update process will start automatically and a new window will open that will display the current status of the update.

Step 4: Relaunch Google Chrome and check if Google Chrome still has very high power usage.

Method 2: Close Unnecessary Tabs

There is no limit on how many tabs you can open on Google Chrome on your machine. However, the more tabs you open the more CPU resources it will consume, especially tabs that are streaming videos and other tools like animations and Gifs. Thus it is important to close multiple tabs unless needed and reduce the memory load and CPU resources.

  • To close a tab, you can either click on the X located on each tab and close the page you do not need.
  • You can also switch tabs by pressing CTRL + Page up/down and then press CTRL + W on the tab you wish to close.
  • If you wish to close all the tabs, then open the tab you wish to remain open and right-click on the tab on the top. From the context menu, choose Close Other Tabs.

Method 3: Disable Extensions

Google Chrome allows third-party developers to create extensions that ease the work and make it faster. However, these add-ons/extensions also consume extra resources in order to function. You should disable any extension that you no longer need by using these steps:

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome browser and on a new tab, type the following command:


Step 2: A list of extensions installed in your Google Chrome browser will be displayed. Slide the toggle button towards the left to disable the extension changing the color from blue to white.

google chrome very high power usage

Step 3: You can also remove the extensions that you do not need by clicking the Remove button.

Note: You can always enable any disable the extension by using the opposite steps.

Method 4: Chrome Task Manager

The Google Chrome Task Manager maintains a list of all the open tabs and the number of resources and processes they are running. This is different from the Windows Task Manager that keeps a record of all the apps running on your computer. The main benefit of using Chrome’s Task Manager is that it informs the user which tab is consuming the most resources. This helps users to close one or two tabs only and save a considerable amount of CPU resources and RAM.

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the upper right corner and hover your mouse cursor on More Tools to reveal more options.

Step 2: Now, click on Task Manager and a new window will open.

google chrome using too much cpu

Step 3: Look for processes or tabs that are consuming a lot of memory or CPU resources and click on them to select them. Click on the End Process at the bottom to close that tab.

Method 5: Chrome Cleanup Tool

Google Chrome has inculcated a malware scanner within itself that can scan for any malware or potential threat that may be causing a rise in CPU usage. This Cleanup tool is available for the Windows version and also removes suspicious adware and extensions.

Step 1: Open a new tab and in the address bar type the following command:


Step 2: Scroll down the list of options on the left panel and click on Advanced.

Step 3: Scroll down further until you locate Reset And Clean Up and click on it.

Step 4: Click on Clean Up Computer on the right side and then click on the Find button.

chrome high disk usage

Step 5: If the Clean Up Tool finds any malware, then you can always click on the Remove button to eliminate this threat from your PC.

Method 6: Reset Chrome

If none of the other methods work, then the final resolution would be to reset Chrome. This will only reset your settings to default and clean all the temp files like cookies and cache. However, you will not lose your bookmarks, history, and passwords. Here are the steps to reset Chrome:

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the upper right corner and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click on Advanced in the menu list on the left panel and scroll down until you locate Reset And Clean Up.

Step 3: Click on it and then click on Restore Settings To Their Original Defaults.

Step 4: Read the warning prompt and click on the Reset Settings button.

chrome cpu usage

Note: After you, Google Chrome has been reset, you would find it to be slower than usual. That is because your temp files have been deleted. Keep using it and navigate to your favorite websites and the cookies will build up making it fast and error-free.   

The Final Word On How To Fix High CPU Usage In Google Chrome

That concludes all the methods I had in my knowledge to Fix High CPU Usage In Google Chrome. You can try these steps in any order and stop when the issue of Google Chrome using too many CPU resources resolves. Advanced Driver Care is a must-have application that can optimize your computer so that you can experience using a brand new PC every time you use it.

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