How To Fix GeForce Experience Not Working

NVIDIA users know that GeForce Experience not working is a common problem which they face regularly. GeForce Experience is a software that helps the NVIDIA drivers to work well with the system. It will optimize the game settings to enhance the performance and update drivers in a routine. Along with this, GeForce Experience also works as a tool to take capture game videos and screenshots along with live streams. All in all, it is a wonderful software with a bunch of useful functions that every gamer requires for their PC.

Now if GeForce Experience is not opening, you need to look for options that will work for your system. We have listed all of the available solutions for you to work out your way through to fix GeForce experience not working problem.

Before moving to the solution, let’s discuss the culprit as to why is this happening in the first place.

Causes of GeForce Experience not opening:

  • Files are corrupted.
  • Outdated version of device driver.
  • Hardware failure.
  • Windows update.

Methods To Fix Geforce Experience Not Opening-

 1. Update Driver

Since this is not possible with the current version as GeForce experience not opening, you need another tool. We recommend the ultimate solution to all kinds of driver issues. Use Advanced Driver Updater a very effective tool to get the latest updates for drivers on time. It is a very apt tool for Windows which works well for all of the device drivers present on your system. It keeps running in the background and scans the system for any device driver updates. It will maintain the performance of your computer with updated drivers and you never have to face the dysfunctional systems.

Failing to communicate with the outdated version of the drivers, GeForce will refuse to open. And therefore, let’s move ahead with downloading Advanced Driver Updater from the link below.

Steps to update device driver:

Step1: Download Advanced Driver updater from the link below.

Step 2:  Install the software successfully.

Step 3: Run the program and check your computer’s Status.

Methods To Fix Geforce Experience Not Opening

Step 4: Click on Update All or select the specific driver from the Driver Scan list.

Methods To Fix Geforce Experience Not Opening

Step 5: Restart your computer to apply the changes.

2. Enable the GeForce Experience

By default a lot of settings make the GeForce Experience not working. It might be due to corrupt files, so follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open run command with pressing ‘Windows Key + R’ together.

Step 2: Insert the command ‘services.msc’ and click on Ok.

Step 3: As the Process list appears, check out the NVIDIA GeForce experience in it. Once you have located it, select it and right click on it.

Step 4: Now click on Start/Restart option.

This is likely going to restart the GeForce Experience. You can try to open it once this process is done. If not, repeat the Steps from 1 and 2 and this time look for NVIDIA Telemetry Container.

Select it and open its properties. Now change the startup from Automatic to manual.

Hopefully, this will fix your issues.

3. Reinstall Graphics Driver-

This sometimes can help if any of the files are not in sync with the latest Windows update. All you need to do it uninstall the NVIDIA driver from your system completely. So as to clear all remains and once again reinstall it for a fresh start. Learn how to reinstall graphics driver on Windows here. Try to open GeForce experience now and it might work for you again.

4.Uninstall redundant software-

Any unnecessary software lying in the system can cause a discrepancy in the system. It is possible that it also interferes with another operation. Therefore, this needs to be fixed as it can be the reason for GeForce experience not working. You can clean your computer by manually checking on all unused applications and programs & remove them. To steer clear of the issues that might affect the NVIDIA GeForce experience, it’s better to delete them.


We hope the article was helpful and that updating device drivers in Windows is easy with Advanced Driver Updater. Other methods are useful to in case of GeForce Experience not opening. Try them out and leave a comment below with your opinion.

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