How to Fix Chrome Passwords Not Syncing Issue

Google Chrome has an in-built password manager that saves your credentials (Username & Passwords) for later use. This safe storage allows users to log into web pages and other web tools without credentials. Also, Chrome automatically syncs the updated or changed passwords to ensure login seamlessly. The credentials are also kept safe and cannot be viewed until the user enters the Windows 10 sign-in credentials. However, there are times when users face the issue of Chrome Password Not Syncing in Windows 10.

The reason why Google Chrome is not syncing passwords is not clearly defined, but the probable reason could include faulty updates, Corrupt User Profiles, Sync Settings etc. There are a few ways that we can perform to resolve the Chrome passwords, not syncing issues.

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How to Fix Chrome Passwords Not Syncing Issue

Method 1: Update Chrome

Google Chrome has a research team that works all around the year to provide the best experience to all Chrome users. And to maintain this experience, Chrome releases updates and pushes them out to all the users frequently. If you are facing issues with Chrome, then the best possible resolution for many of such issues is to update your Google Chrome and restart your computer.

update chrome for syncing, chrome passwords not syncing

Click on three dots on the top right corner and click on Help in the contextual menu. Then click on About Google Chrome, and then it will start checking for updates automatically.

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Method 2: Google Password Manager

Google maintains a Password Manager which stores all the passwords on line. You can visit this tool online here and check for errors and warnings. You can check a few of the links and check if the passwords stored are corrected and updated.

google password manager

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Method 3: Check Password Sync

Another possible reason for chrome passwords not syncing could be due to the Password Sync Option in Chrome. To check the Chrome Sync settings, follow these options:

Step 1: Click on three dots and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: In the Settings tab, click on You and Google from the options on the left.

check password sync, chrome not syncing passwords

Step 3: Next, Click on Sync and Google Services and then click on Manage What you Sync.

Step 4: Finally, click on Sync Everything.

manage what you sync in chrome

Step 5: If you do not want to Sync Everything, then scroll down and check if the toggle switch next to the password is turned on.

toggle switch next to the password is turned on

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Method 4: Delete Login Data

Google Chrome does download passwords from the Google Servers, but this process can be hampered due to the presence of data cache. And this would eventually result in Chrome not syncing passwords. The resolution to this would be a manual deletion of the data cache which would push Chrome into syncing the data and password as usual. Follow these steps to clear data cache:

Step 1: Exit Google Chrome.

Step 2: Navigate to the location where Chrome stores the user-specific data. You can do that by pressing Windows and R keys to open the Run box and insert the following path:

%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

Step 3: Locate and double click on the folder labelled as Default.

Step 4: Select and remove all the files labelled Login Data and Login Data-journal.

remove all the files labelled Login Data in windows

Step 5: Relaunch Chrome and you will observe that the Sync process will begin resolving the issue of Chrome not syncing passwords in Windows 10.

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Method 5: Reset Google Chrome Browser

This is the last step to resolve Chrome not syncing passwords issues if all other methods have failed. A reset will imply a clean installation of Chrome and restore it to factory settings. This means you could lose your already stored credentials and other settings. To initiate a reset on Chrome, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the three dots and then click on Settings.

Step 2: From the options on the left side, click on Advanced and next click on Reset and Clean up.

reset and clean up Google Chrome Browser

Step 3: Finally, click on Restore Settings to their Original Defaults.

reset setting in google chrome

Step 4: Restart Chrome and sign in. Follow the on-screen process to sync your data and information from Google servers.

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Alternate Bonus Method:

Google Chrome is a remarkable browser and has umpteen features. It is regularly updated by the research team working behind the scenes. However, there has also been news of data leaks that involve certain software conglomerates and Social media giants, which led me to rethink trusting Google Chrome with all my credentials personally.

After much research and analysis, I have come across a third-party tool that is easy and convenient to use and is entirely trustworthy. This application – TweakPass – has been developed by Systweak Software, which is a well-known organization that provides IT solutions across the globe. I have been using other software like Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro and Systweak Antivirus for quite some time now and decided to give TweakPass a shot. After all, it did have a 60-day money-back guarantee clause which was quite relieving.


TweakPass is a password manager tool that stores all your passwords in a single and secure location from where the user can easily retrieve them anytime. This helps the user ease the burden of remembering multiple credentials and passwords. The idea behind it is to stop people from writing their passwords on sticky notes, diaries, or on notes apps in your smartphones and any other places from where it can easily be compromised. The concept of remembering just one master password to access all other passwords is unique and successful.

TweakPass Password Manager is also available as an extension for the major web browser. It can readily sync the data between devices using the same account. You can benefit from its features to generate strong passwords. It can also provide you with muchneeded security and protection against cyber attacks.

Visit the Official Website for More Information.

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The Final Word on How to Fix Chrome Passwords Not Syncing Issue

Remembering one password is secure but what do you do when you have at least 15 of them including social media accounts, office and personal emails, eCommerce websites, like Amazon and eBay, and countless other websites and web tools. The answer is to use a password manager and thanks to Chrome; we do have an efficient one at our disposal, which is inculcated in the Chrome browser itself. The above methods described will surely fix any issues with Chrome not syncing passwords, and it doesn’t then you always have TweakPass to depend upon.

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