Different Ways On How To Find Your IP Address In Windows 10.

All computers have an IP address which acts like a postal address and identifies it among the other billion machines across the globe. But the great question that arises quite often is “What’s my IP address?” This question has baffled computer users across the globe as most of us do not know that our computer gets connected to the internet based on an IP address. If you wish to connect on a local area network, then also you require an IP address to identify your computer among others.

An IP address is rarely used for most of us. Still, it is essential to find the IP address that can help you in cases of connectivity issues or adding smart devices that need to identify the network before connecting. There are three methods on how to find the IP address in a Windows 10 computer, and I will explain all of them and leave it to you to decide which method is most convenient or quickest of them all.

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How to Find the IP Address in Windows 10 Using The Settings App?

Finding your IP address using the settings app is a natural process and involves a few quick steps:

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys together on the keyboard to open the Settings window.

Step 2: From the various options, click on Network and Internet and wait for the new window to open.

Step 3: Now, locate Wi-Fi/ Ethernet from the left side of the panel and click on the network name.

how to find IP address Wifi settings

Step 4: Scroll down until your reach properties and now look for IPV4 address listing.

how to find IP address wifi properties

This set of your numbers is your IP Address. You may memorise it, but I prefer to make a note of it somewhere safe.

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How to Find The IP Address in Windows 10 Using The Command Prompt?

The Command Prompt is one of the most useful utilities provided by Microsoft to a Windows 10 user, and it can also display our IP address among many other things. Here are the steps to answer “What’s my IP Address?”

Step 1: Press the Windows + R keys on the computer to open the Run box and type CMD in the text box.

how to find IP address Command Run Box

Step 2: Click on OK after typing CMD and wait for the black and white window to open.

Step 3: Now type “IPCONFIG” in the Command Prompt window and press Enter.

Step 4: You will now see a bunch of numbers appear on the screen. Depending on what type of connection you are using, Ethernet or Wi-Fi, locate IPV4 Address.

how to find IP address command Prompt

Step 5. The number next to IPV4 Address is what you were looking for.

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The Final Word On Different Ways On How To Find Your Ip Address In Windows 10

These methods described above can help you to find your IP address on your Windows 10 Computer. The steps are easy, simple and quick to execute by anyone. The computer’s IP address can be used to connect other smart devices and help with internet problems.

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