How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

Have you been trying to call your friend or spouse and can’t getting through? Thinking that there is something wrong with your phone or might have network issues or a technical glitch? And then, suddenly you realize that your number might have been blocked by the recipient. But how do you know if someone has blocked your number for real? There is a possibility of some other problem that is disrupting the connection? Before getting to the conclusion, let’s figure it all out!

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

On Android

We have compiled here a few things that could be noted down when finding out if your number is blocked on Android.

#Check 1: Unusual Replies When Calling

 There are various automated answers that you get when calling which could be the first sign of getting a number blocked. These answers differ between various mobile services like:

“The person you are calling is not available.”

“The number you are calling is temporarily out of service.”

“The number you are calling is unreachable.”

Such messages, if are beeping back for a few days or weeks, there are chances that you have been blocked.

Don’t get dishearten as there is a possibility that the other person is traveling in poor network areas, his/her phone might have been damaged or the services are disrupted due to genuine reasons.

#Check 2: Unusual Number Of Rings

A single ring and you are directed in the voicemail? There is a great chance that if your call is reaching directly to the voicemail after a small ring, your number is blocked on Android. Do not worry, this could also happen when he/she is on another call. So try calling again! However, if you are still getting a voicemail, then you might not try again.

You can still try calling a day later as well to make sure you are blocked. As, when someone toggles on ‘Do not Disturb’ or phone has been switched off due to dead battery, the connection is typical.

 #Check 3: Try Sending Messages On WhatsApp

Still how to tell if your number is blocked on Android? WhatsApp can indeed bring out the solution. If the number who you are willing to contact is available on WhatsApp, send a message. Can you see the double tick or blue tick? Yes, if there is a single tick on sent message for a few days, there are higher possibilities that the receiver has blocked you.

But that doesn’t guarantee a proper answer. In case that particular WhatsApp contact has uninstalled WhatsApp or his/her phone is switched off for a long time, you still won’t see the double tick. So, you can’t precisely tell through WhatsApp if your number is blocked.

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 #Check 4: Try Hiding Your Caller ID

In case the above methods are not going straight as planned, you can hide your caller ID and look for the answer for how to tell if someone blocked your number on Android.

In your Android phone, launch the Phone app > Tap on 3 right-side dots > Settings > Advanced Settings > Caller ID > Hide.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number Now the method of reaching to caller ID is different in different phones. Hence, search for it directly if you are not able to find it through this process.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Number?

On iPhone

After discussing how to tell if your number is blocked on Android, its time to check the same for iPhone.

NOTE that you can repeat the method of the number of rings even with iPhone. If your phone is getting disconnected with one ring and reaching to the voicemail right after, you might have been blocked. To get more confirmation on the same, try out the cases mentioned below.

Plus, sending WhatsApp messages and not getting a double tick is applicable to iPhones as well.

#Check 1: Is Your iMessage Getting Delivered?

In case, when the other person is not present on WhatsApp and you are not able to detect whether he has blocked you or not, send an iMessage.

Note: In order to send an iMessage, the recipient must have an iPhone and has enabled iMessages.

Usually, ‘Delivered’ is written below your message once it reaches the other side. In case, you are not receiving the same, there are chances of being blocked.

how do you know if someone blocked your number

#Check 2: Disable Caller ID

 Well, this might go with users of North America easily. All you have to do is dial *67 in front of the phone number, like *671234567. Such action will hide your number after which you can make the call and see if it is still ringing.

NOTE that disabling the caller ID is not possible in all the countries, only a few countries provide such a feature.

What To Do If Someone Has Blocked Your Number?

We believe you have found the answers to how do you know if someone has blocked your number on Android or iPhone. Now, what to do?

Firstly, call from some other number and get a confirmation if you are actually blocked.

If it is so, instead of feeling low about getting blocked on Android or iPhone, you must approach the person through social media and have a calm conversation. If your phone is being picked when called from common friend’s phone, better have a discussion there.

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Writer’s Tip: We understand the value of relationships in the digitized world and would just recommend you to stay calm and composed during stressed situations like these. There are chances that another person will unblock you after getting relaxed. So wait and watch things on a happy note.

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