How To Earn Money On Instagram

When you go on Instagram and other social media websites, the primary reason is to take a look at the photos and know what’s going in people’s life. Sometimes, you may not find any reason to launch the app and scroll down till the post you last saw a few moments ago.

Well, if you would know that you can earn money on Instagram, how motivated would you be? You heard it right, apart from posting pictures and uploading videos, you may also make money on Instagram through various ways!

Earn Money On Instagram

Today, we’re going to shed some light on the things that you can do to make some extra cash on Instagram even if you don’t have a lot of followers.

Why Instagram?

With more than 800 million user base, which is the figure doubled in just two years, Instagram has proved its growth since its launch. It has established itself as the core photo sharing app that doesn’t allow anything tedious, attracts more people than any other social media platform. If you look at the statistics of every popular social networking website, you’d find Instagram as the most alluring. The rapport that Instagram has built among the users has resulted in people now searching for regular images on it.

How to Make Money on Instagram

The best thing about marketers is that they’re committed to serving their prospects. When you’re creating a great experience for your targeted audience, then money becomes a byproduct. When we talk about making money online, it is understood that when you’ve built a following, showing advertisements to sell your product is the best way to generate revenue. Apart from this, you may also choose to become any of the following:

instagram make money

1. Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Here, you don’t have to spend on product, quality or advertisements. You’re using your profile to advertise other’s product and when someone clicks on that advt. and makes a purchase, you get your cut. The best part of becoming an affiliate is that it doesn’t require much efforts. All you’ve to do is place the advertisement and wait for someone to see it and click to purchase.

2. Sponsoring

There’re many brands and companies, who would pay you just to be noticed by your audience. When you’re blessed with a huge following, you may opt to sponsor the advertisements of brands. When you show their advt. or products on your page, it brings you money.

3. Photography

Instagram has reached to a level where you’ve got myriads of ways to earn money. Apart from showing advt and sponsoring products, you can also sell your photographs online. If photography is your passion, Instagram has a huge market to value your creativity and efforts. Just post your pictures on your profile or other such pages with better following and see the transformation of photos to cash.

4. Seller

If you own a business, there’s nothing better than becoming your own marketer. After achieving the number of followers, place the photos or videos of your products. You may give your sell a hit if you post tutorials and educational photos/videos that tells more about your product. One of the best part of becoming self-marketer is that you don’t have to pay the commission to the middle men. Another boon to it is that your consumers and users get the chance to get connected to you directly that establishes a bond of trust.

5. Influencer

Influencer is another type of marketer that takes care of the product from bottom to top. If there’s a new product in the market, you, as an influencer should be able to spread awareness about it. From writing content to making tutorial videos, influencer has to do all the top-level marketing. However, having a large number of followers is required to become an influencer. The more followers you have, the better you may earn.

What is the Prerequisite of Earning Money on Instagram?

When it’s about money, cheesy lines with funny pictures fail to gain attention of prospective buyers. Although, it may help your friends have a good laugh but when you talk business, there’re a few things you must do before you jump on the bandwagon.

What is the Prerequisite of Earning Money on Instagram


A large number of followers is a must have on Instagram if you want to make money. Although, there are numerous ethical and unethical ways to increase the followers on your Insta account, it is important you go for genuine. Your followers must be earned and not bought as they play a very important role in your success. If you’ve got ten thousand cold followers, who hardly react to any of your post, they’re of no use to you. Instead, a thousand active followers who like, comment and share your posts can help you reach to your target.

2. Be Active

If you’ve got a good follower base, it doesn’t mean you can start earning well. Just like anywhere else, hard work pays off on Instagram too. Just like you take care of your relationships with friends and family by spending time with them, you’ve got to do something similar to this here. Your activities, posts and pictures play a vital role in money making. When you’re visible to your followers, they get a kick to be with you and bring more people to your page.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags

Hash tagging is a great way to engage with more people. Make sure you’re using the right and relevant hashtags on your posts. Irrelevant and useless hashtags might cost you some precious followers. While posting on Instagram, try to use at least 10 to 15 relevant hashtags to be visible at different ends.

4. Be Creative

While focusing on earning profit, you shouldn’t limit your thoughts to conventional ideas. You must try new things and ideas without the fear of failing. The new things on Internet become more popular in no time. You may start implementing new ideas from blogs to pictures to videos or any other new post.

Overall, it is not as hard as it sounds to earn money on Instagram. With right path and adequate active followers, you can earn a decent amount every month. However, you must know that you should not support/affiliate any product or organization that is not legal in a specific region. Now that you know the way to earn money online, it is way to go. If you know some more interesting ideas to make money online, do let us know in the comments below.

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