How To Download Your Google Data: Using Google Takeout?

Google knows a lot more about you than you can actually think. As Facebook is not the only online place which stores your valuable data; you also have some sensitive data stored in your Google Accounts. You probably know, that google tracks you and collects your data, in order to target search results and ads.

By seeing burgeoning concerns about data security & privacy issues among millions of users. We already showed you How To Download Facebook Data. Now here’s how you can download data and find your footprints on Google using Google Takeout Tool.

What Google Knows About You

For a start, it knows about your name, gender, birthdate, personal mobile numbers, where you work, recent Google searches, websites you’ve visited, Where you live, Your recent YouTube searches, and recordings of your voice every time you interact with Google Assistant and much more, you can’t even guess.

Tap on the links below and find out what Google knows and how you can limit the data it collects.

  • Control your Ad Personalization: Manage Ad Settings which shows you what topics, Google think you like, and displays relevant content & ads according to your preferences.

ad personalization

You can limit the data: By turning off Ads Personalization toggle, so you’ll still see ads, but they’ll be less useful to you.

  • Find How Google Knows Where You’ve Been : Through Location History Page, you’ll find to everywhere you’ve been, in inclusion to your work and home, which you may have saved in Google Maps.
    find how google knows

You can limit the data:On the bottom of the page, you can Pause Location History

  • Check Out Your Youtube Activity: Google keeps an eye on what you search & watch on YouTube, with My Activity>YouTube Watches you can see what Google Knows.
    youtube activity

You can limit the data: By manually deleting the searches.

How To Download Your Google Data?

Google Takeout has been around for many years, but most of the people are unfamiliar with this tool. It allows users to download all their data they’ve shared across all Google services. The tool is supposed to package all your data into a single ZIP file.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1- Jump to Google Account and sign-in with your Google Id Password.

step 1

Step 2- After you have signed in, you will be brought to your Account’s Dashboard. You can see & access several settings & tools. You will see three columnar menus “Sign-in & security,” “Personal info & privacy,” and “Account preferences.”

step 2

Step 3-  Under Personal info & privacy, look for “Control your content” option.

step 3

Step 4- It will redirect you to the page, where you will find two preferences. First, to “Create an Archive” of your Google data to download or transfer. And Second, to “Assign an account trustee”, in case if you pass away or stop using Google.

step 4

Step 5- After clicking on Create Archive option, you’ll be taken over Google Takeout Page where you can start creating your archive of your Google Data.

step 5

Step 6- On Google Takeout Page, you’ll see a complete list of Google Services which holds your personal data. By enabling the toggle button of specific service, you can add  whose data you want to include in your archive. Click on Next button to proceed.

Step 7- Just after you click on next button, a drop down menu will appear which asks you select the preferred file type from the list.

step 7

After you have selected in which format you want your archive, next it asks you to identify the delivery method. Either you can select the option “Send Download Link Via Mail”  or “Add To Google Drive” which allows you to access  the file from your Google Drive.

Step 8- Click on Create Archive button, to start processing your all data for download. Depending on the amount of data Google carries, it may take time to proceed to the next step. After your Archive is created, you’ll be notified via email.

step 7

Step 9- Check out your data. Each data has its own product.

Whether you just wanted to see what Google stores, or to have a copy of all your data before saying goodbye to Google or any other specific Google platform. Google Takeout is surely an amazing help!

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