How To Colorize Black And White Photos

Have you ever thought of converting black and white pictures in color? Wouldn’t it be great to see your favorite black and white image enriched with colors? Thinking how it could be possible to photoshop and transform the black and white images? Let’s find out in this article below.

We all know that converting photos to black & white is very easy as there are a lot of apps and online tools available, however, reversing the action could be difficult earlier. But now, there are apps that can help in convert black and white photos to color.

So if you wish to see your black and white picture in color, check out our list of best apps to colorize black and white photos on your PC. These are the devoted tools to perform the action of converting photos. So, if you are up to transform your photos, these photoshop tools are some of the best to give a try. We have also included a few online tools available on any platform.

1. Algorithmia


Algorithmia clearly is the best solution to turn any black and white photo into a colored photo. This is readily available for all the platforms as it works over the internet/ online. You can use it on your computer or your smartphones to colorize black and white photos online. It works pretty fast and has two ways to upload the picture. Paste the link of the image in the designated place or simply upload the image from your device. This site will fill the colors automatically and make your image look beautiful with colors filled in it. Try out this tool to convert black and white photo to color online free.


Get it here.

2. ColouriseSG


ColouriseSG is another online tool to turn black and white photo into color. Its technology to give colors to the B&W images is unique. It although works best for the high-resolution images as every portion is clear enough to be separated in different colors. So make sure the digitized black & white image taken from a hard copy that you are trying to convert is clear. The image can be selected from your device and uploaded directly on the site. Thereafter download the colored image on your device. It also gives you an option to download the comparison pic where you can see the transition of how it turned from black and white to color.


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 3. Colorize Photo

Colorize Photo

Colorize photo is a web application which is suited best for those who use this editing feature often. To convert black and white photos to color, this software is quite simple to use. You can use this as an online tool from the link below. Upload the picture on the website and pick colors from another picture from the side panel. You can change the brush size and opacity for making the changes to your picture. Use this web application to colorize black and white photos manually.

Colorize Photo-1

Get it here.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, the magical solution for all the photography editing does the work for filling colors in the black and white photos too. It is a very time-consuming process, but you will be surprised by the outcome. As much as you can work around creatively to give the black and white photograph colors, it will provide you the platform to do so. Import an image in the software from your computer storage and then go to Level and play with the hue and saturation. To add colors to different portions, it will take a long while so choose the perfect matches.

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5. Lunapic


This is not exactly picking up colors automatically for your black and white picture, but you can apply a color gradient on it. Upload the image on the website and go to editing tools. Select the Color gradient from Filters after that you can select two colors which you want for the image. This can turn a black and white photo into color. This can be used to make digital art on any platform. Pick two colors for top and bottom and this will change the image into a gradient form.


Get it here.


We have provided to you with the best solutions to how you colorize black and white photos on computer. While one to convert black and white photo to color software, we have Adobe photoshop. Other solutions are all online tools to help you on all platforms.

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