How To Check For Missing Drivers Using Automatic Driver Updater Software?

Drivers are essential elements of any operating system. It is these drivers that communicate directly with the hardware and help in resulting the outcome that the user wants. If you wish to watch a movie, hear music, play games or scan and print, it is these drivers that aid in establishing a connection between the keyboard presses and the mouse clicks with the results you see on your screen or printer. One of the significant issues that occur in computer systems around the world today is missing drivers, and with no drivers, you are bound to face issues and errors. Let us learn how to check for missing drivers using automatic driver updater software.

Steps On How To Check For Missing Drivers Using Automatic Driver Updater Software?

Updating your drivers is a high priority task which must not be neglected if you want to ensure that your computer runs smoothly with enhanced performance. There are two ways to check for missing drivers which includes the Manual and the Automatic method. Let us check both these methods in detail:

Check for Missing Drivers: The Manual Method

Microsoft has inculcated an inbuilt tool that scan and updates your drivers. The utility known as Device Manager is present in all Windows versions and does not cost anything. It scans the computer’s hardware and identifies driver issues and fixes them with user’s permission. A yellow triangle denotes any driver issue with an exclamation mark. The only major drawback of this method is that it checks for driver updates from Microsoft Servers only and does not consider third-party OEM websites.

How To Use Device Manager To Check For Missing Drivers?

Using a Device Manager does not support auto driver updates. This is a manual process and can be accomplished by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: On your keyboard, press Windows + R to open RUN box and type “devmgmt.msc” in the text box.

Step 2: Press the OK button to open the Device Manager tool.

Step 3: A new window will open, which will list all the drivers installed in your system, sorted under different categories.

device manager

Step 4: Look for a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and make a right-click on it.

Step 5: From the contextual menu, click on update drivers and follow the on-screen instructions.

This is the manual method to check for missing drivers. Any drivers that are missing will be automatically highlighted with a yellow triangle. However, this method does not work every time, and the Windows 10 mechanism of a check for missing drivers is not 100% failproof. Hence it is recommended to enable auto driver update using a third-party automatic driver updater tool.


  • Authentic drivers from Microsoft Servers
  • Free from Malware
  • No Cost

  • Does not check OEM websites
  • Slow process with no guarantee of identifying a missing driver.
  • Consumes Time and Effort

Check for Missing Drivers: The Automatic Method

The alternative to the Manual Method of using Device Manager to check for missing drivers is to auto driver update using a third-party tool. These tools are categorized as automatic driver updater tools and can scan your computer’s hardware and check for missing drivers. These tools also scan the existing drivers and identify the corrupted and outdated drivers and replace them with latest and compatible versions available on the internet.

How To Use Automatic Driver Updater To Check For Missing Drivers?

Many applications facilitate auto driver updates in your computer, but I would be using
Smart Driver Care to explain the automatic process. Smart Driver Care is a fantastic tool that I have been using for the past couple of years and has provided excellent results. Here are the steps to use an automatic driver updater to check for missing drivers:

Step 1: First, you would have to download the application from the button below.

Step 2: Next, make a double click on the file you download just now and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step3: Register the application with the product key sent to you in your email after purchase.

Note: The above steps are to be carried out for the first time only.

Step 4: Once the registration is complete, click on the Start Scan button to begin scanning for missing, outdated and corrupted drivers.

Update all

Step 5: Once the scan completes, you would see a list of all the driver issues in your computer. Click on Update All button and wait until all the drivers are restored or replaced.

Important # 1. If you try both the methods you would see a lot more issues identified using the automatic driver updater software than the Device Manager.

Important # 2. The auto driver update process using Smart Driver Care requires only a couple of clicks to check for missing drivers and update them. First is to click on Start Scan and the second is to click on Update All.


  • Searches all possible resources for updated drivers, including OEM websites.
  • No infections
  • Auto-detects the hardware model and version.
  • Does not consume time and effort
  • Easy and convenient to use.

  • Users must purchase a license.

A Word On Why Should You Choose Smart Driver Care Among Others?

Smart Driver Care is an automatic driver software that has provided relief from driver issues across the globe. It has many unique features that are not present in other software that fall into the same category. Here are some of the essential features:

Driver Updates. Smart Driver Care scans all the hardware and currently installed drivers in your system to identify the compatibility ratio between them. It then looks for the most updated drivers available on the internet and replaces outdated and corrupted drivers. While doing so, it also runs an auto driver update process to check for missing drivers and installs the most relevant and compatible ones.

Program Updates. An added feature of Smart Driver Care is that also scans for all the programs installed in your computer and checks for the updated versions on the internet. With user consent, it updates all your programs as well as your drivers.

Backup Drivers. Smart Driver Care makes a backup of your drivers before updating them. This ensures that if the new driver is not compatible or the user is not convenient with it, then Smart Driver Care can restore the previous version of the driver from the backup taken before any update.

Backup drivers

Your thoughts On How To Check For Missing Drivers Using Automatic Driver Updater Software?

I hope you have understood the need for updating the drivers to run your computer at optimum capacity and use all its hardware resources with updated drivers. I have explained two ways of updating your drivers, and it is up to you to choose which method you want to use. The manual method does work, but it consumes time and effort and does not detect all the driver issues. The automatic driver updater software like Smart Driver Care is a much better choice as it relieves you of any extra effort and ensures that your system runs smoothly with enhanced performance.

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