How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Games, unless not played with a group of friends, does not leave you satisfied. Winning over them, bragging, and making fun of each other is something many of us enjoy. Thanks to Nintendo Switch for making this possible, and you can easily add friends on switch. Options like adding friends who are in the same room, friends you have already played with, search by their friend code, or sending requests are available with Nintendo Switch. You can note that the number of friends that can be added is 300. 

So, let’s take a quick look at how to add friends on Nintendo Switch. But let’s check the prerequisites first.

  • You need to link your user Nintendo account to an existing user account on Nintendo Switch.
  • Your system must remain updated with the latest version. Go to System Settings > System > System update. It will automatically update the Switch to the latest version.

How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

To learn how to add friends on Nintendo Switch and play the best Nintendo Switch games, you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to your profile icon from the top left corner of the home page.

Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Step 2: On this page, select Add Friend, and a list of options will unfold on the right-hand side of the screen.

How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Step 3: First, open Received Friend Request to find out if your friend has already sent you a request. If you have any, accept it to add in the game friend list.

Step 4: Next in the list is Search for local users, which is perfect when you are in the same room with your friends. The Bluetooth detects any Nintendo Switch user nearby, and an option to choose the person in your friend list appears. If you accept it, you will be able to add a new friend.

Step 5: Search for Users You Played With is helpful if you forgot to add them earlier but now wish to learn how to add friends on Switch. This option lists all the gamers you have played with earlier to whom you can send friend requests to.

Step 6: In Search with Friend Code, you need to know the 12-digit friend code of the person. Once the validity of the code is recognized, you will be able to connect with him. 

Received Friend Request

Step 7: Wondering what happened to the sent friend requests? Reach to the option and check the status!

How To Make Best Friends On Nintendo Switch

How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch not only gives you answers for how to add a friend on Nintendo Switch but also let you make best friends. Whether you are fond of the person or his gaming style, drop on his profile. You will be able to find ‘Best Friends’ beneath his name. Click on it and make him/her your best friend.

But you must know that your best friend will not get any notification of this action.

How To Block/Remove A Friend On Nintendo Switch

How To Add Friends On Nintendo Switch

There could be any reason for removing your friend from Nintendo Switch, and you can even do it. Here’s how!

Go to your friend list and choose the profile of the person you want to remove > select Options > now you can select Remove/Block. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you add friends on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, absolutely! You can add up to 300 friends on your Nintendo Switch profile by a simple method. Go to your profile, select Add Friend, and choose the option of adding a friend. Send or receive friend requests, and you are done!

Q2. What can you do with friends on Nintendo Switch?

You can invite friends to join for a game or find them when they are online. 

Game On!

In this world of gaming and social networking, you are free to enjoy amazing time on Nintendo Switch. We are sure you have found out how to add friends on Nintendo Switch and will enjoy the gaming experience differently. We would also like to recommend:

Enjoy your favorites!

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