5 Instances When Nintendo Proved They Were Ahead Of Time

Nintendo was, is and will always be the King of portable gaming. From the very start, when Game & Watch was launched in 1980, Nintendo’s first step towards gaming world and till its latest release, Nintendo Switch. It’s been 38 years and what a remarkable journey it has been!!

Yes, Nintendo has always remained ahead of time and technology. By remaining at the top, expectations of gamers have always been fulfilled by the company. When the competitors of Nintendo were trying to test and execute the technology, Nintendo was already in the market with way ahead technology than others and was successful in executing the plans every year and decade.

So, here are some reasons why Nintendo was always at the top of the game:

1. Multiplayer Gaming In Early 90’s

Multiplayer gaming in early 90's

Nintendo came up with multiplayer gaming in early 90’s with Game Boy. In Game Boy via link cables, 4 players could connect. As the time and technology did not stop, Nintendo developed the FPS game Faceball 2000 that was released in 1991, which had multiplayer option too. But it offered support for 16-players to play together simultaneously. Game Boy had multiplayer gaming option before LAN gaming came into existence.

2. Voice Activated Controllers

voice activated controllers

Not globally, but Japanese version of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) also known as Famicom, had a voice activated controllers. Controllers had microphones intact. Some of the games allowed players to execute enemies just by shouting into the controller. They added a microphone to the controller so that players voice could reach through the tv speaker. In Game, Legend of Zelda, players were able to execute enemies just by shouting into the controller. The manual of the game had a statement that enemies hated loud voices. Of course, most of the players might have choked their throats by screaming.

3. Handy Boy

Handy boy

Handy Boy came with an official tagline “All in one Accessory” for the Game Boy. The features of Handy Boy included square magnifier at the top to have more magnified view and for more impact of light on screen. Both the sides of the screen had external amplified speakers, and joystick was an addition to this mod. So, at that time gaming with sound and joystick was another thing that Nintendo brought to the world in late 90’s.

4. Konami LaserScope

konami laserscope

This is a voice command optical targeting headset that includes eyepiece that is on the right eye side of the player for locating the targets. Comes with a light gun that enables you to target and destroy enemies with laser as well as by voice command fire control. Line up the target in the crosshairs of your LaserScope display, then speak into the microphone to fire. Laser scope is compatible with NES Zapper. These headsets are also used for eliminating room noise while playing. It has turbo switch to turn your system from single shot to rapid fire shot.

5. Power Glove

power glove

In 1989, Mattel a company based in US designed and developed the power glove that was a first step towards artificial reality. It was the first gesture based device. But in less than a year this product was discontinued. This device was used by Nintendo in games. Two special games were made under Power Glove Series by Nintendo for this device. First, Super Glove Ball and the second, Bad Street Brawler. It worked on special optical sensor technology, which had 260 gestures using forefingers.

These were some of the reasons why Nintendo has always remained at top of the charts in portable as well as techno world also.

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