How To Add Comments To A PDF File

Everyone reads books and novels in electronic PDF format. An e-book is typically too long to read in a single sitting. In PDF documents, we need to use a comment to indicate something important, like when reading a real book. When reading a PDF document, the reader will want to mark specific passages using bookmarks in PDF format so they may be reviewed later. Multiple comments can be added to a PDF document.

How to Add Comments to PDF


To add a comment to any page in a PDF file, you must use a third-party program known as UPDF. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download and Install the UPDF app from the official website.

Step 2: After you have installed the app, launch it using the shortcut created on your desktop.

Step 3: You will receive an Open File button in the center of the app screen. Click on it to open the File Explorer window and choose the PDF to which you wish to add the comments.


Step 4: Once the PDF file opens, you will be asked to log in by creating an account, or you can use the guest mode for one-time use.


Step 5: Locate the Pen/Brush icon on the far left corner and click on it.


Step 6: The Comment tools will appear at the center of the app interface on the top of the PDF page.


Step 7: Choose from various options to add a comment like underline, highlight, etc., or add a sticky note.


Step 8: After you have finished your comment, you can click on the File tab on the top left and choose Save or Save As option.

Step 9: Once your comments are placed, you can save the file and exit the application. The next time you open your PDF in any PDF reader application, you will find this comment visible.

Bonus App:  Advanced PDF Manager


Choose Advanced PDF Manager if you require a simple PDF manager to carry out specific activities like rotating pages, adding or removing pages, or dividing and combining PDFs. Here is a list of the program’s benefits to help you decide whether or not you still need it.

Pages can be added or removed: The option to remove extra pages from PDF files and add new ones is available to advanced PDF Manager users.

The pages are movable and can be turned: This enables users to rotate the pages 90, 180, or 270 degrees and arranges them in any sequence.

Passwords can be added or removed: You can create a password that never expires. Only those who are aware of the passcode will be able to view and access your PDF. You can remove the password from a password-protected PDF before sending it to a big audience.

Split and merge a PDF: You can split a large PDF file into several smaller ones or merge several PDF files into one with the aid of Advanced PDF Manager.

Extra Activities: PDF files can be viewed, read, and printed using Advanced PDF Manager.

The Final Word On How to Add Comments to PDF

I hope you can now easily add comments to your PDF files for future reference. This is a disadvanced when you compare a PDF file to a Word document where comments can be easily added. However, the PDF file was designed not to be editable to retain its original settings while printing it from any device or app. Hence the only way to add comments to a PDF file is by using the UPDF app. If you want to perform other functions like adding, removing, merging, splitting, and rotating pages, then you can use Advanced PDF Manager.

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