How Do I Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashing Issue?

Step by Step Guide to Fix Crashing Issue of Red Dead Redemption 2

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After GTA and Bully, Rockstar Games launched another masterpiece in 2018 by the name of Red Dead Redemption 2 which is set in the Wild West. The main character is an outlaw by the name of Arthur Morgan, who sets on an exciting adventure. Although Rockstar games have never given trouble on any platform, there are reports ofRed Dead Redemption 2 crashing issues on the computer. Here are a few troubleshooting steps to fix rdr2 keeps crashing issue.

Note: Before you jump to the troubleshooting steps, restart your computer as a simple reboot fixes many issues. If you have been facing this issue from many days and have restarted your computer many times, then check your computer configuration and match it with the minimum required configuration listed below.

red dead redemption crash logo
Image Courtesy: Rockstar

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is a heavy-duty game that requires a powerful computer, and the minimum requirement is:

Operating System:  Windows 7 – Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601)

Processor:  Intel Core i5-2500K / AMD FX-6300

Memory (RAM):  8GB

Graphics Card:  Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB

HDD Space:  150GB

Sound Card:  DirectX compatible

The recommended requirement, however, to avoid rdr2 keeps crashing issue is:

Operating System:  Windows 10 – April 2018 Update (v1803)

Processor:  Intel Core i7-4770K / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X

Memory (RAM):  12GB

Graphics Card:  Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB

HDD Space:  150GB

Sound Card:  DirectX compatible

If your computer meets the requirements, then it is time to troubleshoot the Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashing Issue:

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Method 1.Update your graphics driver

If RDR2 keeps crashing in your computer, then the first step is to remove your existing driver and reinstall the most updated one. This can be done in two ways: Automatically and Manually.

red dead redemption crash Smart Driver Care

Automatic Method: This method is quick and simple and does not require any effort from the user. All you have to do is to use a driver updater software and scan your computer. When an update is found, click on update button to update all the drivers on your computer in one go. One of the best driver updater software that I have been using for a couple of years is using Smart Driver Care.

You can download Smart Driver Care from the following link:

Step 1. Click on the above link to download the Smart Driver Care on your computer.

Step 2.Make a double-click on the file downloaded to initiate the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions and click on next.

Once the file download is completed, double click to begin the installing process. Click on The Next button, and this process will be completed automatically.

Step 3.Launch the SDC and complete the registration process.

Step 4.Click on the Start Scan Now button and let the scanning begin for outdated drivers.

Step 5.Once the scanning is complete, click on the Update button and your computer will have updated drivers in no time.

This will fix the Red Dead Redemption crashing on your system.

red dead redemption crash SDC scan result

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Manual Method. This is instead time and effort consuming method, and the steps depend on which graphic card is installed in your system, NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. Let us discuss the steps in case of both cards one by one:

Disclaimer: Please read all the steps first and attempt only if you have understood them and you are familiar with something like this. If you decide to go with the steps, then there is no turning back and cannot leave it in between.

Steps to fix rdr2 keeps crashing with an NVIDIA graphics card.

Step 1. Open your drive on which the OS has been installed. In most cases, it is C.

Step 2. Locate the NVIDIA folder here or navigate to Program Files and search for it. Delete all the NVIDIA folders you find.

Step 3. Now open the Run box(Windows + R) and type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter to open the Device Manager Window.

Step 4. Locate and click on Display Adapters to expand it. Now right-click on NVIDIA adapter and from the contextual menu click on “Uninstall.”

red dead redemption crash uninstall drivers

Note: This will remove the graphics driver from your computer, and it may result in fading of the colours on the monitor screen.

Step 5. Open your browser and visit the NVIDIA official website. Download the latest driver for your NVIDIA graphics card (select the driver as per your model number).

Step 6. Once the driver setup is downloaded, double click to launch it and follow the onscreen instructions and provide positive responses and clicks.

Step 7. Restart your computer and check if the red dead redemption crashing issue has been resolved.

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Steps to fix rdr2 keeps crashing with an AMD graphics card

Step 1. Open your browser and visit the AMD official website to download the AMD Clean up Utility

Step 2. Double click on the file downloaded and it will restart your computer in Safe Mode.

Step 3. The tool will then display a prompt stating that all the AMD Driver and application components will be removed. Click on OK.

Step 4. Once the clean-up process is completed, you will receive a message on your screen. Click Finish to exit this app and reboot your computer.

Step 5. Now visit the official website of AMD to Install the AMD Driver Auto- Detect Tool.

Step 6. Once the tool is downloaded, double click the file to execute it.

Step 7. Unlike NVIDIA, this AMD tool will auto-detect the graphics card and model number and then download and install the latest compatible driver by itself.

Step 8. Restart the computer once the latest driver is installed and check if Red Dead Redemption 2 crashing issue still occurs.

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Method 2.Try using the Vulcan API

red dead redemption crash Vulcan API
Image Source: Wikipedia

Another method commonly used by gamers to resolve the red dead redemption crashing issue to switch from DirectX12 to Vulcan. To facilitate this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings menu in the RDR2 game.

Step 2. Navigate to the Graphics section and click to unlock advanced settings.

Step 3. Next scroll down to locate the Graphics API option and select Vulcan.

Check if Red Dead Redemption 2 crashes issue still occurs.

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Method 3.Run the game as an administrator.

There are always two accounts in any computer, Normal user and Administrator. The administrator mode has all the permissions to make changes in the system. But the regular user may not have the required permission to access the system file, and this can cause the RDR2 keeps crashing issue. To run the game in administrative mode, do the following.

Step 1. Locate the folder where the game is installed on your system. It would generally be C: Program Files.

Step 2. Now, right-click on the RDR2 executable file and from the contextual menu, select properties.

Step 3. A new window will open, where you have to click on the compatibility tab and select Disable fullscreen optimizations and Run as an administrator.

Step 4. You will also have to Click Change High DPI settings and at the same time place a check on the Override high DPI scaling behaviour option, and select Application.

Step 5. Finally, go back to the compatibility tab and click Apply and OK.

Check if Red Dead Redemption 2 crashes issue still occurs.

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Method 4.Verify the game integrity

There are three different ways to verify the game integrity and ensure that the game files are not corrupted:


red dead redemption crash Steam
Image Source: Steam

Step 1. Reboot your system and open Steam.

Step 2. Navigate to Library Section and right-click on RDR2 and choose properties.

Step 3. Now, choose the Local Files tab and click on the button labelled as Verify Integrity of the Game files.

Step 4. This process will take several minutes to complete.

Epic Games

red dead redemption crash Epic Games
Image Source: Epic

Step 1. Reboot your system and open Epic Games launcher.

Step 2. Navigate to Library Section and click on the gear or cog icon next to RDR2.

Step 3.Click the Verify Button.


red dead redemption crash Rockstar
Image Source: Rockstar

Step 1. Reboot your system and open Rockstar Games Launcher.

Step 2. Navigate to the Settings and click on the My Installed Games tab.

Step 3. Locate Red Dead Redemption 2 and click on the Verify Integrity button.

Check if Red Dead Redemption 2 crashes issue still occurs.

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Method 5. Disable the antivirus

If you have an antivirus or antimalware installed in your system, then you can try to disable them temporarily and then run the RDR2 to check it the issue persists. Sometime an antivirus may block the access to system files that is required by the game to function properly and thus resulting in Red Dead Redemption keeps crashing in your computer. All antivirus have different ways to disabling them, and generally, you can click the icon in the right corner of the taskbar and select disable from the contextual menu.

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Method 6. Add -ignorepipelinecachecode line to your game launcher.

Rockstar launcher

Step 1. Initiate the Rockstar Games Launcher and navigate to settings.

Step 2.Locate RDR2 and scroll down to Launch arguments.

Step 3. Now add –ignorepipelinecache in the Launch Options box.

Step 4. Now from the Games section, start Red Dead Redemption 2.

Epic Games launcher

Step 1.Launch the Epic Games Launcher and navigate to settings

Step 2.Scroll down to RDR2 and place a checkmark in the box labelled as Additional Command Line Arguments.

Step 3. Also in the text box, add -ignorepipelinecache

Step 4. From the Main Menu start RDR2

Steam launcher

Step 1.Initiate the Epic Games Launcherand navigate to settings.

Step 2. Scroll down to RDR2 and place a checkmark in the box labelled as Additional Command Line Arguments.

Step 3.Locate the text box and add -ignorepipelinecache

Step 4. From the Main Menu start RDR2

Check if Red Dead Redemption 2 crashes issue still occurs.

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The Final Word On How Do I Fix Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashing Issue

The methods described above should help to resolve the Red Dead Redemption 2 Crashing Issue. If you are still facing any issue, then a clean installation of the Windows operating system is recommended. However, before you do that, you can check the official forums to find out any other resolution that might worked.

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  • Turska
    My game constantly crashed after 3-10 min with gtx 1060 6gb. Undercloking gpu helped that i managed to play sometimes 3 hours but was still very annoying if crashed during long quest. After i changed my gpu to gtx 1070 i have had 0 crashed so far and didn’t even had to underlock my gpu! There was maybe something wrong my gtx 1060 but i am glad the problem is now fixed!

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    • Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Turska, glad to know that your issue was resolved and you are finally able to play Red dead Redemption 2.

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