Great Hacks to Extend Wi-Fi Signal Strength Within Home

“Give me a high-speed Wi-Fi and lots and lots of food, I’ll survive the day being locked inside my house”, said every human on Planet Earth. The Coronavirus outbreak is spreading rapidly across the whole world, affecting millions of lives. And the only hack to win this battle is by staying at home. 

Yes, that’s right. We’re all locked inside our houses and love it or hate it, but Wi-Fi is the only companion we’ve got. From watching movies, TV shows, videos, playing games, ordering food, video calling our friends, we do need Wi-Fi for everything, it’s more of a necessity than a need. 

Great Hacks to Extend Wi-Fi Signal Strength Within Home
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To make the most of our self-quarantine phase, we don’t want to experience any Wi-Fi connectivity troubles, right? As most of us are spending all our days and nights being isolated at home, there might be a possibility that at some parts of your home you’re not able to surf in high-speed connection, network lags, and other issues. 

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Wondering how to boost Wi-Fi signal strength extend it to almost all parts of your home surroundings? Here are a few useful hacks to extend Wi-Fi signal strength within the home without burning a hole in your pocket. 

What Interrupts the Wi-Fi Signal Strength?

Well, there may be a couple of reasons. To set up a reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connection, one needs to ensure that there are absolutely no hindrances within the range. But it’s a little impossible to achieve this, especially at our homes. Suppose, your Wi-Fi router is placed in your living room and say you’re surfing the Internet two rooms away across the hall. There are a lot of factors that weaken the signal, which includes distance, barriers like walls within home surroundings, interruption from other electronic appliances, and so on. Agree or not, but no matter how many times your reset your Wi-Fi router but these issues certainly have an adverse effect in weakening your Wi-Fi’s signal strength. 

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Let’s explore a handful of ways of how we can boost Wi-Fi signal strength within our houses to enjoy a seamless Internet experience.

How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal Strength?

Here are a couple of ways that can help you in extending the Wi-Fi signal strength in your surroundings. 

Outdoor Access Points

Outdoor Access Points
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To experience an optimal high-speed Wi-Fi speed, you can use a bunch of outdoor access points to extend the range of connection. You can set up the outdoor access points in any corner of your house, where you frequently face slow connectivity issues. Even if you want to extend your Wi-Fi range to the terrace or garden area, outdoor access points can get the job done for you as they are resistant to extreme temperature and weather conditions. Using outdoor/indoor Wi-Fi access points will help you in killing dead spots and will extend your Wi-Fi capabilities to a broader range. 

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Optical Fiber Cable

Optical Fiber Cable
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This is another reliable hack to boost Wi-Fi signal strength within a surrounding. Suppose, you live in a multi storied building, and if you’re thinking about extending the Wi-Fi range. In this scenario, you can install an optical fibre cable to extend the range from your Wi-Fi router to the upper floors of the building. Talking in terms of extending speed and latency, optical fibre cable is your best resort. 

Pick the Right Configuration

Pick the Right Configuration
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Picking the wrong configuration setting for your Wi-Fi router is an amateur mistake. So, the moment you decide on extending the Wi-Fi range within your home, make sure your Wi-Fi router is configured accurately. Do thorough research on the Internet, understand all the technicalities like SSID, bandwidth, frequency and all Wi-Fi related terminology before setting up your router. 

So, fellas, this wraps our guide on how to boost Wi-Fi signal strength within your home premises. We hope these hacks will help you in establishing a reliable, fast-speed network connection throughout your entire house. 

Wondering how to boost Wi-Fi signal strength on your iPhone? Visit this link. 

Good luck, folks, stay safe!


  • comment_avtar
    Bobbi Watkins
    What are indoor/outdoor access points . And how do u connect the optical fibre cable , to what,?

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Preeti Seth
      Hello Bobbi, Please note a typical outdoor access point will be ruggedized for extreme temperatures and the elements while an indoor access point is designed for simple installation and does not have the features of the outdoor access point. For better results, you should connect the fiber optic cable to an outdoor access point.

      2 years ago

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