GoTranscript Review – Is It The Best Transcription Service Available?

You may put all your expertise and energies into recording high-quality audio or video, yet, you might want to convert it into a written format for various reasons. This is something that only a specialist can do – someone who is well versed in the field and who can listen to the voice and record it while keeping the context and accuracy intact.  Here we will review GoTranscript, which offers one of the best transcription services. Let’s find out if GoTranscript is worth the hype.

No matter what domain you are from – you could be a well-established legal attorney, a skilled medical professional, a passionate musician, or someone else, you sure want to get your passion out there. Sure, you put out regular videos or conduct webinars and podcasts; their transcription is equally essential. For one, popular search engines can crawl on the text, and you can gain more traction in the search engine result pages. Talking of which, you would need transcription services because let’s face it, you probably don’t have time to juggle with your craft and then sit down and transcribe stuff, isn’t it?

Let’s look at GoTranscript, a company that offers transcription services.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript offers one of the best transcription services. Currently, it has almost 20000 transcribers, captioners, translators, proofreaders, subtitlers, and customer service representatives. The company can help you transcribe audio and video files across several domains, inclusive of but not confined to legal, medical, and general domains.


How Does GoTranscript Work?

The Basic Process –

Broadly outlining the process, if you want to get an audio or video file transcribed, it would be a three-step process. You upload the file, pay online via the given methods and then get back the transcribed file by email.

Basic Process

Diving A Little Deeper Into The Process

However, you might want to delve deeper and look at how the platform works. On a personal front, what impressed us was the fact that despite the transcription service being completely human-oriented, the platform offers you a lot of flexibility and customizability –

To order a transcript, this is the platform you get –

Order Transcript

Some Highlights of the Aforementioned Platform –

 – Several Languages

Select Language 

You can choose from a multitude of languages, as you can see in the screenshot above.

– Get Transcription As Is

Get Transcription As is

You can choose to have or not have speech errors such as false starts, fillers like ‘mmm’, ‘hmmm,’ ‘umm’, etc.

– Select Turnaround Time

You can have your transcription ready in as low as 6 hours (for which the rates are high) or 5 days at max.

– Broadly Choose The Number of Speakers

It could be that you want a transcription of a video where 3 or more people are having a conversation. GoTranscript gives you the option to select the number of people.

– Get the Perfect High-Quality Transcription

One of the reasons why GoTranscript touts itself as one of the best transcription services is because it gives the clients an option to choose the quality of audio (again, one of the pricing factors).

Why Trust GoTranscript?

– Human-Based Transcription

First and foremost, GoTranscript relies on people and not machines or software. Although this aspect may have a few downsides, which we will discuss just a little later, for the most part, you can rest assured that the person transcribing your audio or video is a human who understands the context. For instance, if you have uploaded an audio podcast that has some jargon related to engineering concepts, the transcriptionist would be able to easily fetch those technical terms since they will most likely be from that field.

Transparent and Clear Pricing

Secondly, GoTranscript is fairly transparent with the way it charges you. Its comprehensive platform comprises several factors that ensure you get a spot-on transcription, but each factor would increase the total price. For a podcast whose duration was 7 minutes 36 seconds, the total bill amounted to $8.21.

Transparent and Clear Pricing

As soon as we chose Full verbatim as the Text format and the Turnaround time of 6-12 hours, the total bill increased to $25.08.


In our opinion, the rise or fall in charges with the addition or removal of each factor is quite understandable because taking note of these factors while transcribing takes a lot of effort and expertise.

What Makes These Services Worth The Cost?

GoTranscript has the repute of reaching 99% accuracy. To ensure that you are provided with an error-free and quality transcription of the file you have uploaded, the transcribed audios or video go through stringent checks –

– Transcription Goes Through Several Checks

When you upload a file, it is then divided into sections and worked upon by a selected professional transcriptionist.  

– Transcriptions are Reviewed

Even before the proofreading stage, the transcriptions of sections are checked for general quality.

– Proofreading Is An Essential Part

After the general quality is reviewed, experienced editors further proofread the transcription. They also add speaker tracking and timestamps.


  • Flexible platform catering to users’ transcription needs
  • High accuracy
  • Transcribe multiple files.
  • Transparent pricing.
  • Decent turnaround time.


  • Faced difficulties when pasting URL for transcription.


GoTranscript offers one of the best transcription services with a repute of 99% accuracy. That being said, it is also one of the most affordable transcription providers. Some providers might charge a little less at the same accuracy level, but their turnaround time (TAT) is still high. It further offers 24/7 customer support and an iOS and Android app. Its pricing starts from $0.92 per minute for a 5-day service. You can refer to the screenshots below to get more insight on the pricing –

Most popular

Customer Support

Discrepancies, doubts, and other issues are pretty natural, and GoTranscript seems to have taken note of these. Wondering how GoTranscript has your back? For all kinds of issues, you can turn to the contact us page, where you can select a type and briefly explain the issue, after which a customer support specialist will get back to you by email or phone.


You can even conduct a live chat with a representative and get doubts resolved.

Wrapping Up

For the price that GoTranscript charges, we can say that the transcription services are affordable and decent. If you second our opinion and have tried GoTranscript’s transcription services, do let us know in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek.

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