Compared Google Maps VS Apple Maps: Which One is Best For You

Started in 2005 Google Maps has been the most popular and widely used mapping service for both iOS and Android users. Looking at the success and userbase of Google Maps, in 2012, Apple joined the party and Apple Maps was released.

But, what seemed like a quick move ended by turning into a nightmare. Since then, Apple Maps have struggled with various glitches and technical issues like inaccurate directions, no public transportation support, etc. On the other hand, during this time, Google Maps continued to advance and gain popularity.

However, with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, Apple updated Maps and promised to fix common problems found in older versions, originated due to third party navigation data. There’s a lot to talk about.

In this post, we will discuss both the mapping services and which one is the best.

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Google Maps Vs Apple Maps: Which one is the best

Visually both Google Maps and Apple Maps look alike, but there are key differences in terms of platform, user interface, features and more. Here, we bring for you the key differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps.

1. Platform

This is the underlying difference between both Google Maps and Apple Maps. Where the former is cross-platform, the latter is designed only for iPhones and iPads. Apple Maps is a default application in Apple devices, however, to use Google Maps on an iPhone, iPad you need to get it from App Store.

2. Interface

Both Google Maps and Apple Maps can highlight the location. However, the text and icons in Apple Maps are smaller as compared with Google Maps. If you have a weaker vision, Apple Maps might not work for you. It will be hard to read at first glance.

Google Maps have more sophisticated driving, transit, explore, satellite, traffic feature when compared with Apple Maps. Not only this, but 3D models added to Google Maps is also interesting. In addition to this, you can even add multiple destinations in Google Maps while going on a single trip.

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Using the search bar with Apple Maps, you can search for a specific location, change map settings via the information button. For landmarks, Apple Maps offer custom icons like the Golden Gate Bridge, and so on. Google Maps also offer all these functions with a bright and user-friendly design.

In this area, both Google Maps and Apple Maps are neck to neck.

When it comes to navigation both are simple, the drive mode is straightforward both apps base their arrival estimation on current traffic conditions.

The red mark denotes traffic, yellow is moderate traffic and blue is no or little traffic. If there’s an accident due to which there’s a road closure, you will get alerts. Google Maps is much clearer when it comes to showing traveling time while Apple Maps is great at providing supplementary information.

3. Data Accuracy

Initially, Apple Maps was buggy and inaccurate due to which people ended up reaching to wrong places. These problems are expected from a new service, but they have now been fixed. Let’s see how Google Maps Vs Apple Maps when we compared data accuracy.

Google Maps to make its data accurate uses high-resolution satellites and has a team of operators that check maps manually, respond to problems reported by users and rectifies them. Whereas Apple Maps has bought Locatioionary firm focused on crowdsourcing data and it has set up a Mechanical Truck program to verify data.  Those who contribute get paid around 54 cents per location.

4. Software Combination

Google Maps work on small city mapping data., It provides information about opening and closing timings of businesses, star rating, description, etc. Apple Maps has all this but in a lesser amount.

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5. Turn by turn navigation

Among the plethora of features, both Google Maps and Apple Maps has to offer, turn by turn navigation is prominent. Apple Maps offer a 3D map view when we talk about turn by turn navigation. This means you can see every building around you in 3D; this helps to know exactly where you are. While in Google Maps turn by turn, navigation is not that fine.

6. Unique features

Siri’s integration in Apple Maps is a unique feature you can use it to launch Apple Maps and ask for directions. Siri’s directions are in natural language while Google Maps uses much data when compared with Apple Maps.

apple maps flyover

Flyover Mode is one of the outstanding features of Apple Maps. This feature lets you explore less populated urban centers in 3D landscapes. Using the City Tours feature of Flyover Mode, you can get information about various city landmarks automatically. To compete with this, Google Maps have Street View, a separate app, to provide panoramic street views around the world.

Other prominent features of Google Maps are bicycle maps, Uber, AR, generation of QR codes for business and offline accessibility. This is where Apple Maps shortfall.

Which one to Choose From Google Maps and Apple Maps

Since Google and Apple are from different companies with different ways to share and save data, you will have to consider each point before deciding which mapping app to use. Apple pays more attention to privacy, while Google Maps lets you access most functions without needing to login to a user account.  Data, navigation, and directions are saved in the device, not on the cloud. Google Maps, offer various customization, focuses more on navigation.

Even more, Google Maps offers more than just driving directions. Apple includes Yelp and third party rating to give information regarding a place while Google Maps helps opening and closing time, etc.

Apple Maps over the last seven years have evolved and worked fairly when it comes to bug fixing still it is not as good as  Google Maps. To know, which mapping service is best you’ll need to use them. As the choice varies from user to user. Do let us know which is your favorite amongst Google Maps and Apple Maps and why you prefer using it.

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