How To Generate Google Maps QR Code For Your Business


The key to success in any business is its approach, which is only possible with a well-defined address. The term ‘location’ is what you hear the most when it’s about opening a new business or if you’re going to an establishment. Presently, when internet has taken over almost everything, print media still holds more stake for marketing. Whether it is about your business card or an advertisement in a local newspaper, you would always want that your customers and vendors can find you easily. To make this happen, the directions should be clear to navigate your customers to your business point. Also, you can generate Google Map QR code for your business and print it on your marketing materials.

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It is important that you get your business listed by signing up on Google My Business portal that recognizes your establishment on Google Map. Although, it is not mandatory to generate a direction based QR code, but it helps showing your business name on map as destination. When you use QR code that has your business address, the scanning smartphone launches the Google Map application and navigates the user to reach at your location. Another benefit of QR code is that it can be sent in vary forms like print, mail, message etc.

How to generate Google Maps QR code for your business?

  1. Locate your business on Google Map.
    generate Google Maps QR code
  2. Click on the red pointer to access more information.
  3. Now that you’ve got every information opened in the left hand side pane, click on Share.
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  4. You can see the Share box opened on your screen with a ‘Link to share’. Click on ‘COPY LNK’ against the shortened URL.
    generate Google Maps QR code 4
  5. Go to any Free QR code generator website or you can even download a QR code generator app on your smartphone. For reference, we are using to generate Google Map QR code for your business.
  6. Once you launch the website, select the type of QR that you wish to generate. Here, you need to select ‘URL’ as you want the map link to execute when your customers scan the code.
    generate Google Maps QR code 6
  7. Now, paste the copied link in the Website (URL) field and choose whether you want Static or Dynamic QR code. The static QR remains same even if there is any change at the destination page. Whereas, the dynamic QR code can be changed any time, even after you’ve got them printed. It means, if the customer scans the old QR code, it would result in the new/changed information. Once done, click on ‘Create QR code’ button.
    generate Google Maps QR code 7
  8. Now that you can see that your business location QR code is generated in the right, choose if you want the frame and the format you wish to download the QR code to. Then, click on ‘Download’ to get the QR code.
  9. You can check if the QR code is working and landing to your Google Map address or not by scanning it with your smartphone. If everything seems good, it is the time to get the QR code printed on your marketing materials and business stationery.

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Overall, it doesn’t require you to be a tech savvy to generate Google Maps QR code for your business. There are many websites that offer free QR code generator based on the type of content you want to be encrypted like text, URL etc. Also, you can save the QR code in multiple extensions based on your requirement. If you know some tips and tricks for Google Maps or QR codes, do let us know in the comments below.

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