Gboard Keeps Stopping On Android ? Here’s How To Fix

Gboard is probably the most amazing type of keyboard, which makes your typing experience better and hassle-free. Moreover, it is already imbibed with necessities like Google search, Google Maps, Translator, etc. that makes Gboard reliable and worthy of using. . Yet in some cases, Gboard keeps stopping repeatedly,, creating a mess with you but it only needs a few steps to recover from the same state.

Yes, if your Gboard keeps crashing and you can’t enjoy texting, sending GIFs, multilingual support and many more things are being missed, we have got you covered.

Gboard Keeps Stopping On Android Phone ? Ways To Fix.

 1. Try Restarting Your Device

Anything goes wrong on your Android device, the perfect option is to restart the device. It is pretty simple, just long-press the power button and as the menu shows up, select Reboot/Restart.

This is the most simple method, and you will be able to fix all the smallest glitches as all the applications get refreshed and bring themselves in a restart mode. Once done, check if there is still a problem with Gboard not working.

2. Clear Cache

As you clear the cache, all the data fragments of the app are resolved that were responsible for slowing down the system. Many times, this cache is not even required for future purposes, and this might be the reason when Gboard keeps crashing.

To clear cache, you shall go to Settings > tap on Apps > find Gboard and open it > select Storage > tap on Clear cache. For detailed data, learn how to clear cache on Android phone?

3. Keep Goboard As Primary Keyboard

In some cases, other keyboards get activated and they hinder the work of Gboard. Here, you need to keep Gboard as the primary app, whereas keeping others on another side.

For this, reach to Settings > go to Language & input > Current keyboard > select Gboard > Choose keyboards > enable Gboard and disable all the other keyboards.

4. Force Stop Gboard app

Sometimes your phone’s Gboard starts acting right when it is forcefully stopped, and the errors related to it are usually gone.

In this case, reach to Settings > Apps > open Gboard > tap on Force stop > OK to confirm it.

Now you can go back to the Gboard and see if the error of Gboard keeps stopping is resolved.

5. Uninstall Updates

If there was an unstable update earlier, your phone may show different kinds of error, including Gboard, keeps stopping. Some compatibility options may show up, and you might need to roll back to the old version of the app.

For the same thing, go to Settings > tap on Apps > select Gboard app > now tap on three-dot icon from the top right corner of the screen > finally select Uninstall updates option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Gboard keeps stopping in MI.

When Gboard keeps stopping in your MI phone, you can try restarting your device, clear cache, make Gboard as the primary keyboard, force stop Gboard and even need to uninstall the updates. Surely, one of the methods may prove itself to be working.

Q2. What to do if Gboard keeps stopping ?

You need to follow a few steps in case Gboard keeps stopping including restarting your device, clearing cache, making Gboard as the primary keyboard, force stopping Gboard and even need to uninstall the updates.

Q3. Can I disable Gboard ?

Yes. to disable Gboard, reach to Settings > Apps > Locate Gboard > tap on Disable button or toggle the switch off.

Q4. Why do my Gboard keeps stopping ?

There could be some errors or glitches like cache leftovers, unstable software updates, Gboard not able to recognize its primary feature, etc.


Your Gboard might keep stopping some or the other time but you surely do not need to worry about that as the solutions lie right in front of you. Yes, Gboard is an ultimate feature to have a distinct experience of replying back to your friends. So, let’s just enjoy this feature carefreely!

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