How To Use The Floating Keyboard Mode In Gboard?

Gboard is Google’s software keyboard for Android devices. The Gboard comes with a lot of customization options such as an ability to change the background, size, color, and more. It also has a lot of features including swiping, Google search integration, GIF search, autocorrect, which makes it popular among the keyboard apps.

Google has released Gboard’s new version, version 7.6, which has added a new feature: Floating keyboard mode. Floating keyboard mode makes typing on the phone easier. You can drag it out of the keyboard window and place it anywhere on the screen, either upper left corner of the screen or the bottom of the screen.

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Google is constantly making upgrades and releasing updates to make Android user stick to Gboard. Floating Keyboard is another one of those attempts. Now, Gboard has so much of it, that user might be confused where to access the features such as GIF search, translation and more.

So, in this post, we have listed how to use and access floating keyboard in Gboard.

Steps To Use Gboard on Google Keep

Step 1: Bring up the Gboard keyboard.
Steps To Use Gboard on Google Keep -1

Step 2: Locate & Tap G Icon

Step 3: Locate & Click on Floating Icon
Steps To Use Gboard on Google Keep - 2

Step 4: You can drag the keyboard in any direction and chat or type all you want.

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Steps to use Google’s Gboard’s Floating Mode

Step 1: Go to an Android application which requires a Google‘s Gboard.

Step 2:  Navigate to G icon located at the left-hand side of the suggestion strip. You can get options to insert stickers, GIF, translate text etc.

Step 3: Locate and tap three-dot icon, from the suggestion strip.

Step 4: There you will find options that could be added to the suggestion strip to get your hands on other features.

Step 5: Locate & tap Floating icon.

Step 6:  If you want to reposition the Floating keyboard, tap & hold “Four-way arrow icon” located below the floating keyboard. You can also resize Gboard by tapping in move icon & then tap & hold any corner of the box. Once repositioned, you can lock the keyboard, by dragging it to bottom & release it.

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In this way, you can use Google’s Gboard floating keyboard. Google has added a lot of features to Gboard, including emojis, formatting options, Google’s intuitive predictive text which works on the basis of Google’s activity. With a floating keyboard, typing can get easier than before! If you love to use Google apps and Google’s personalized content, then Gboard is an essential app to keep on your Android device.

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