Futuristic High-Tech Gadgets for your Kitchen: Part I

Whenever I read about the futuristic gadgets I get just one thought in my mind: “Out with the old and in with the extremely new.”

In our recent blogs, we have talked about futuristic gadgets for your office, for students, for professionals and for homes. We even talked about how some of the basic objects in the kitchen like chopping and slicing tools have evolved. Some accessories and tools have made kitchen work more simplified and sorted.

Since we are talking about so many futuristic gadgets or gadgets giving a futuristic look, I thought of talking about how innovation with technology will soon be available in our kitchens. Well, whenever we think of Kitchens of the future we all think that there will be interactive Countertops, Refrigerators playing Music and displaying news, smart microwaves which will judge on their own about the time and temperature of cooking by scanning the food. And yes, of course, IOT will undoubtedly rule the future.

But there is much more scope and options in our Kitchen for the Creative Geeks to invent something new beyond our imagination. As always, they will never stop to amaze us by their creative thoughts. Here we will see some of those great ideas about the Kitchen Gadgets. Though some of the ideas are still in concept stage, they have created enough news for people to take notice already.

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So, here’s your list of futuristic kitchen gadgets that can make life as easy as it can be!

1. Smart Plate –


This gadget would reduce a lot of headache for people who are trying to follow strict diets and are using different apps to keep a check on the nutritional value of their meals. The Smart Plate will be the First Intelligent Plate that would analyze the Nutritional Value of the food kept on it instantly. This means you don’t have to calculate your calorie intake through apps manually.

The Smart Plate which is now available for Preorder comes with many unique features like it can detect 1,000+ foods with great accuracy. It is very versatile and will be handy when you are eating out in restaurants. It comes with a lid which makes it leak proof.

The accompanying app gives you a detailed information on the Nutritional value of the food from macronutrients to micronutrients.

2. The B*7 Preparation Unit –


This is an interesting gadget which prepares a nutritious juice from zinc, magnesium, carbohydrate and calcium capsules by mixing it with water! It could be of great help to people who miss their meals because of their hectic schedule and can substitute these juices for wholesome meals.

3. The Kitchen Hideaway –


This gadget will give you a feel of how cooking would be like in future. The gadget is designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky. This gadget comprises of a Helmet and Viewport that takes you to a virtual world where you imagine what you want to eat or cook in a virtual kitchen. This actual kitchen consists of robots rather than large appliances. One requirement is that you should know how to cook food and the robots will mimic your actions and prepare the dish for you.

The gadget is based on the virtual reality technology and could be implemented as one system in each communal building. The thoughts of the user are transmitted to the Robotic Chefs in the kitchen of the building. They prepare the dish with real ingredients.

4. Pico Brew’s Zymatic –


This gadget will give you the freedom to brew beer of exactly the flavor you want as we do it with our coffee or cookies and loaf bread. This gadget is an automated beer-making device and will give you an altogether different experience of brewing your favorite flavor and texture.

Bill Mitchell and his brother Jim Mitchell, the founders of Pico Brew, are avid Home-brewers. Brewing at home is time-consuming, too imprecise and entails lots of cleaning up, the brothers explain. So, the gadget overcomes the challenges of traditional home brewing and yet gives a hassle-free beer-brewing experience.

You can order your own home brewery now at PicoBrew.

5. Sereneti Kitchen’s Cooki –


Sereneti has developed a Robot which cooks food for you as per your demand. It received incredible feedback and support during the first campaign on Indiegogo and they are planning to develop a model to showcase it to their consumer. The present design only includes the functionality to stir the food but they plan to develop more functionalities in it.

Working with Cooki is as simple as working with an App on your smartphone. Just pick a recipe in the Sereneti App, and place the things needed for it in the hopper. Cooki cooks the meal by adding the ingredient at the right time and heating and stirring it simultaneously. And when the meal is ready you will receive an SMS reporting the same.

6. Rotimatic

Whole wheat Indian Flatbread can now be prepared with very less mess and with no need for you to do anything. Rotimatic is a machine  which will cook Rotis and wraps for you with the click of a button.

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Working with the Rotimatic is very simple. It has compartments to fill wheat flour, water and oil to make rotis. You can even control the thickness, roast levels and oil content of each roti. The gadget is IOT enabled which lets you to remote control, troubleshoot and get software upgrades regularly.

7. Livblends –


Fruit Juices and smoothies are healthy way to start your mornings. But having those tetra packed juices is not a good option always. And making them at home needs a lot of time: cleaning, chopping, mixing, blending..phew!

Livblends from Replenish is the first self-cleaning smoothie blender which makes smoothie in just a minute. It also relieves you of washing, chopping, peeling and slicing fruits. As, Replenish not just provides you the blender but also the Replenish Cups.

The Replenish Cups are filled with a variety of hyper fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as per the smoothie recipe. These are flash frozen to preserve their vitamins and nutrients.

So, which gadget are you going to order right away for your Kitchen?

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