Futuristic High-Tech Gadgets for your Kitchen: Part 3

And here’s the last instalment of the Future Kitchen Gadgets series.

Take look and let us know which do you think would make life in Kitchen easier still!

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1. Nutrima –


Do you check the nutritional value of everything that you buy from the shop? Then I am sure you are someone who is very conscious of what you are eating. Well, the food labels only tell you about the sugar, energy, fat and salt content. But the labels don’t tell us about how fresh the food is or if it contains toxins.

Nutrima is a food-analyzer which can calculate any food’s weight, basic nutritional information, freshness and detect toxin levels, if the food has developed any. Behind the design of this device there is no famous scientists or inventors rather the brain of a young industrial design student, Janne Palovuori.

Nutrima food-monitoring device combines piezoelectricity with smart and flexible technologies for analyzing the food that you put on it. The device comes with Nutrimapper Mobile Application which lets you adjust the profile in the app as per your diet preferences.

2. Smart Knife –

smart knife

One more design by the young industrial design student in Korea, Jeon Chang Dae. This is a unique kind of Knife which has a sensor enabled tip. This culinary device tests the food’s freshness, nutritional content, bacterial level and toxicity. The cutting edge of knife has ample space to embed a touchscreen interface to display information.

Well, to expect this feature from the Kitchen Knife is completely beyond our imagination. When the knife is not in use, it could be kept safely locked in its Knife block which also function as Wireless Charger Dock.

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3. The Briva KitchenAid In-Sink Dishwasher –

in sink kitchen dishwasher

This is a new dishwasher which uses 20% less water than the traditional dishwasher. This functions as a regular sink and as a dishwasher by opening the lid and installing the removable dishwasher basket. It has the capacity to wash 5 plates at a time. The lid becomes functional counter space when closed, including a place to set hot items.

4. The Electrolux Mobile Kitchen –

electrolux mobile Kitchen

Designer Dragan Trenchevski created this unique Mobile Kitchen, whose design is inspired by the laptops. This laptop style mobile kitchen provides a small workspace to do multitasking in the kitchen. It is the best suitable design for students living in the hostel or someone living in a tiny apartment.

The base functions as an induction Cooktop and it is also covered with a cutting board. The touch screen display helps you find the recipes online and you can also watch and download these recipes. You can also do a video call to you friends from the device and get the guidance while cooking.

5. The Global Chef –

global chef

Global Chef is the conceptual Device that transports the Famous Chefs and you Friends into your Kitchen through Holographic projections. Global Chef enables you to bring people together in your Kitchen from across the world. It uses laser hologram to bring people in your Kitchen. Some very interesting Features of Global Chef are:

  • There is only one “On” button on this device.
  • It even suggests recipes using the ingredients that you have in your home.
  • The most interesting one is that it transfers smell and reduces Kitchen noise.
  • It projects 360 Degree Holograms.
  • The appliance has a motion detection camera and analyzes all your food.

6. Future Cook –

future cook

What is the shape of your Kitchen platform? Do you have a different serving platform, a different chopping space and a different stove space? But, in future we would not have such huge spaces in our Kitchen to have 2 or 3 different platforms. Aslihan Tokat designed an All-in-One Kitchen table to chop, clean, cook and serve.

This Kitchen table is an interactive unit and is called as Future Cook. This is a multi-functional table has an integrated Induction Cook Top, a Food Processor and a washing area. Hence, it saves a lot of space in your Kitchen by replacing the whole Kitchen with this unit.

The table also tells you about the nutritional value of the food you are cooking and display the electronic recipes at your workstation table.

7. Verilux Clean Wave –

verilux cleanwave

This is a Sanitizing wand that uses advanced UV-C technology to kill germs and odor-causing bacteria present inside your homes. This sanitizing wand is a convenient all-in one solution for your cleaning all the surfaces in your homes and offices.

This wand is perfect for sanitizing computer keyboards, kitchen counters, and surfaces in baby rooms. It safely eliminates 99.9 percent of germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and flea and dust mite eggs from surfaces and fabrics. The best advantage is that it leaves no residue or liquid like the old sprays and wipes.

Get it from here

8. Sonic Decanter –

sonic decanter

This is an amazing gadget for all the wine lovers. The Sonic Decanter makes use safe and effective ultrasound to improve the taste, aroma and mouthfeel of any wine in max 15 minutes.

The gadget relies on the patented technology that by using ultrasound the molecular and chemical structure of the wine molecules could be changed making it taste smoother and more intense. Basically, it would age the wine in just minutes. In the ageing process the molecules interact with each other and change their properties, whose results are seen in years. In the Sonic Decanter ultrasound forces these reactions to happen faster in the molecules of wine, so that it could be aged faster.

Get it from here

So, tell us which appliance stole your heart from the Futuristic Kitchen Gadget series?

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