Futuristic High-Tech Gadgets for your Kitchen: Part 2

The 19th Century science fiction writer Jules Verne described inventions that probably seemed ludicrous during his time. However, quite a few those very same designs and gadgets he formulated on paper, are now becoming a part of our everyday lives. From submarines and space flights to Internet, he wrote about everything! In fact, Verne predicted a lot of technological developments that are realities now.

One area of invention that promises to make life easier and more comfortable, in an extremely fast paced 21st century, are Kitchen Gadgets. Continuing from where I left off in my previous blog, here are a few more gadgets that can make your kitchen more snazzy and cooking less time-consuming!

1. The Mesh Cooker –


The Mesh Cooker is a portable device that consists of a flexible metallic mesh of translucive layers. The control unit is made up of aluminum covered with a Teflon layer to give a good grip to the users. This could be used as a hot plate or you can fold it to make it function as an Owen.

Once you finish with the heating and cooking process it needs to be retracted into the control unit. The small size of it makes it portable and easy to store. It can be placed on a table near the socket and it is ready to use. It is designed by Lucian Cucu and is still in its concept stage.

2. Cinder –


Cinder is the perfect countertop grill for Steak and Meat lovers, which cooks the food evenly to the sous-vide perfection. You can also grill vegetables on it. Cinder maintains the fixed temperature from edge-to-edge of the cooking plate. The best feature in Cinder Grill is that it ensures the cooking plates don’t get very hot and overcook the food.

The heating nodes in Cinder Grill comprises of a tiny array of light bulbs continuously turning on and off. The Cinder can also be operated through its mobile app where you can control the temperature and duration of cooking. Some unique features are:

  1. Great temperature precision within 1 degree of target temperature.
  2. It doesn’t require vacuum-sealing, boiling water or cleaning up pots and pans.
  3. Cinder updates about the time remaining for completion.
  4. There is a lot food you could experiment cooking in it like, Steaks, scallops, vegetables, pancakes, sandwiches, omelets and much more.

3. Surphase –


This is the ultimate wireless and portable cooking gadget of the decade or century! Well you can decide after reading about it. This is ultimate because you can heat, cook and cool the food all by just this one appliance. There are two ways of cooking with Surphase i.e. either by using it by spreading it out flat on the surface or by bending it over to provide multidirectional to heat like an oven.

This device could also be used for grilling the steak by wrapping it around the meat. The other reason for its uniqueness is you can roll it up and carry it in your bag. And enjoy the taste of home cooked cuisines wherever you go.

4. Snail Micro Induction Heating System –


Snail, one of the finalist of Electrolux Design Lab 2010 is a portable heating and cooking system based on the concept of magnetic induction. It is a micro induction heating system whose battery is composed of high density sugar crystal. As it is micro in size, it could be stuck easily to pan, pot or mug. It has in-built sensors to identify the food being cooked or heated and sets the temperature and time accordingly.

It has a simple touch sensitive display on the outside to keep a check of cooking. Due to the small size, it requires comparatively lesser space for cooking than conventional methods.

5. Qumi Flexible Cooking Unit –


This versatile induction cooking device has been designed by Ilia Vostrov from Russia. Qumi is an egg-shaped flexible cooking unit that can fry, steam or heat ingredients like multicookers. It is a kind of fold out universal kitchen which is supposed to be hung on the induction charging hook.

Unlike the other Futuristic gadgets, this device doesn’t come with a touch-sensitive display screen. This device could only be controlled by the instructions given by the Mobile application. Qumi is a wireless and portable cooking unit which takes up very less space in your storage unit.

6. Modular Kitchen Appliance –


Shin Woosup came up with this idea while looking around the appliances in his own Kitchen. He came up with Space Saving Kitchen Range that helps you eliminate the space being occupied by stoves, kettles, and toasters. He has converted every appliance into a slim, square shaped object, smaller than a laptop.

This one appliance is efficient to cook a complete breakfast for you. This appliance has three parts toaster, Kettle and Induction Hob. The best part is the appliance works with electricity rather than the external heat.

7. Be Fresh Storage unit –


This Storage unit is specifically designed to store fruits and keep them fresh for a longer time. Fruits produce a natural gas Ethylene which are the only cause for the spoiling or rotting of Fruits. Be Fresh Fruit storage uses a unique technique for keeping the fruits fresh through photo catalysis process which helps in eliminating ethylene.

This storage unit helps in killing the 99.9% bacteria. Hence, the fruits could be stored for longer at the right degree of ripeness. This storage unit can store up to 2Kgs of fruits and encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle by eating fresh fruits.

8. U-Bubble –


U-Bubble is a unique kind of futuristic refrigerator that floats in the air carrying the food that needs to be kept in the fridge. And since it is transparent it makes it easy to keep a note of all the food items present in your fridge. Not just this we can keep all the food items in different bubbles to preserve the original tastes and odors of every food item.

The bubble is constructed with a special kind of plastic that maintains the temperature and can work with smartphone apps. The outer of the bubble displays the information of the food stored inside it. The floating fridge makes use of magnetism to float in the air. The bubbles recharge automatically by docking to the ceiling which works as a charger.

Many of the gadgets in the above list are still in being conceptualized and you would have to wait for some time to make them a part of your kitchen. Till then, you can read about some more Kitchen Gadgets in our next blog.

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