9 Nerdy Office Gadgets for Your Work Desk

The boss is cranky, new project just stalled in. What do you do?

Work life stress syndrome has become quite common among working individuals! Our office is the only place where we spend most of our time, then why not make it more fun?

Here are a few nerdy gadgets that can add that extra spark to your work life!

  1. USB Coffee Warmer


Coffee becomes our big-time addiction—especially at work place. It keeps us charged and gulps down all our laziness. But by the time we reach our desk from coffee machine, we get occupied in some or the other task.  Nothing is more annoying when your morning cup of joe gets cold from sitting too long. So, all you need is a USB Coffee warmer to keep your coffee warm enough for long.

  1. Cable Clips


For all you neat-freaks out there, here’s a great way to place your myriad of device cables wherever you’d like them to rest.

  1. Happiness Tracker


Have you ever come home from work and felt like you have the worst job ever? Well now you can track your happiness in an easy fun way. Simply draw the face that most closely resembles how you feel about that day! In this way, you can keep a track of your work life and if there are more blues’ than yellows—it’s time to quit the job!

  1. USB Mail Notifier


Now monitor your emails in a smart way! Link up you email account with this cool lil gadget so that next time when you receive a new email a pop up light notification will alert you.

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  1. Building Block Calendar


It’s time to be kids again! Building blocks help to make this unique desk calendar. Stack the days and dates of the week. There are even blocks to mark holidays and other special days.

  1. USB Heating Blanket


Ever experience that feeling freezing and slowing down your reaction when you are working in an air-conditioned room or in winter? Then USB Heating Blanket must suit your need. It has a warming pad inside. As soon as you plug it in USB port, it will start making your body cozy and warm.

  1. Monitor Rear View Mirror


No matter what we do there are some nosy co-workers who never stop to annoy us. Do yourself a favor and pop one or two of these trackers on your monitor. Yes, Thank us later!

  1. Mini Vacuum Desk Cleaner


Keyboards are one of the dirtiest office items. Keep your keyboard clean with this mini vacuum. It’s safe and easy to use. No more turning over your keyboard to get all the nasty crumbs and whatever else out!

  1. Desk Punching Ball


When the clock ticks “it’s time to go home” and your boss asks a favor. Stress alert! Solution? Desktop punching ball. Basically, you form a fist, then you use momentum to CRUSH IT up against that ball. Phew… all better now!

These gadgets might seem absurd but are quite useful and are a must in your cubicle to alleviate stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Cuz after all one happy worker equals to 4 lazy workers 😉

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