Futuristic Gadgets for your Home: Part II

In the previous blog, we talked about 10 high-tech gadgets that you can buy to make your home “Truly Futuristic”. And since we promised in our previous blog, let’s talk about some more cool high tech gadgets for your futuristic home without wasting any time.

  1. LED Ceiling


 Image Source :- architectureartdesigns.com

Future is all about accomplishing things with dynamism and ease. Hence, Seo Dong-Hun brings this interesting concept of LED Ceiling. The Dong-Hun’s Concept for a customizable ceiling gives you the freedom and flexibility of lighting for different settings and parties.

In this, the ceiling is designed as web of circular LED units, which can be customized as per our choice or mood using the light wand remote. The light wand communicates through a sensor inside LED units.

  1. LULA – Lung Lamp


Image Source :- lovelace-media.imgix.net

This lamp helps check the quality of air that surrounds you. When connected to the internet, it gives you data on possible health issues that may arise with prolonged exposure. The blue light indicates pure air and the yellow tinges indicates of unhealthy air.

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  1. WAT lamp


Image Source :- themag.it

This lamp has an outrageously futuristic concept. It generates lights when fed with water, which acts as a fuel for this lamp. Water fuels a hydroelectric battery that generated the power required for its functioning. Designed by a French designer Manon LeBlanc, it is a cordless lamp composed of hydroelectric battery and carbon stick covered with magnesium stick to provide a charming warm light. The lampshade is made from sanded blow glass with the top made of bioplastic for securing and insulating the battery and holding water.

  1. WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator


Image Source :- yankodesign.com

This is an ultimate device for Wine Lovers who cannot purchase wine rack due to shortage of space. Designer Mika Yamamoto has paved the solution for this problem so you can continue to cherish your love for wine. He has come up with a unique concept for ageing and refrigerating the wines in his created device WAVE Ultrasonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator.

This appliance features two-layered shelves, the inner wall emits ultrasonic waves helping the ageing of wine by acting on a molecular level. The door comprises of touchscreen which serves as a navigation panel for settings and other information about the wine kept inside, ageing speed, information on the history of wine and much more.

  1. SWAN Umbrella Dryer


Image Source :- yankodesign.com

All of us would have witnessed a nasty situation in rainy season when people get inside the mall, shops, public places and even our homes with wet umbrellas eventually wetting the floor. This can cause risk of fall injury and some of us would also have been the victim of the same. Our Savior is concept gadget Swan Umbrella Dryer. Hence, instead of asking our guests to leave their umbrellas at a place near the entrance that might sound rude, we can ask them to dry their umbrella in this unique dryer.

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  1. 1 Limit Faucet


Image Source:- inhabitat.com

Though our planet earth comprises of 75% water, it’s still very important to preserve this life-giving elixir. One of the areas where we could try to save maximum water is in our Homes. Most of the faucets output about 6 Litres of water in half a minute, and of which we use only about one and half a litre. Hence, the rest just strains down the drain.

Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh designed an elegant faucet that limits the water usage. The faucet is more like an inverted test tube attached on the top of the tap. The glass tube holds in total 1 litre of water, more than enough for a quick hand wash. Test tube is refilled only after the 1 litre is finished.

  1. ICHEF + Oven


Image Source:- static14.gorenje.com

This concept gives your oven a futuristic look, very unlikely then we have it now. ICHEF + Oven has two distinct features one is of memorizing the cookbook and second the robotic chef. The Oven is equipped with a computer brain rather than a simple microcontroller. The design of the oven is very user-friendly with a touch screen panel. The oven makes cooking and baking much more easy and efficient. In order, to cook food successfully, the oven helps you in determining the food and its weight, eventually activates the oven.

ICHEF has three modes – MyBake, ProBake and StepBake. The modes have stages in the cooking process like defrosting, baking, and holding warm also saving the recipes and programs at the same time. This modern oven can control cooking time and temperature and assure that it never gets burnt.

  1. Hi-Can Bed


Image Source:- gadgetflowcdn.com

When so many things around are getting, the future look so, why not our furniture. The Hi-Can bed is equipped with remote controlled blinds to give maximum darkness at any time of the day. It is also built in with the HD projector and high quality audio system. You can also adjust the lighting and mattress height.

  1. Acoustable


Image Source:- designboom.com

Acoustable is a High-Tech Coffee Table which has an embedded sound system in it. It is designed by Belgian Designers Jerome Spriet and Wolfgang Bregentzer. Acoustable is a multi-functional table which includes Teac speakers, woofers and stereo amplifier with USB and iPod Connection ports. The sound system is placed in a polypropylene foam between the table’s base and top surface. The shape of the table depicts the natural curves of an elastic membrane and fills the space suggestively and so its sound.

  1. IQ Alarm Clock


Image Source:- static1.squarespace.com

That sound of the alarm is pretty much obnoxious in the morning and still it becomes a tough task to get on time. Well, this new smart futuristic alarm to our surprise doesn’t have the snooze button functionality. Instead it would pose you with some riddles to solve to silent the blaring alarm. Hence, this smart IQ Alarm clock makes it sure that you get up fast and in time rather than relying on that snooze button.

The alarm clock also gives you the option to select the difficulty level of the riddles. You can also select the number riddles to be asked to shun the ringing alarm.

With this, we would end the second part of Futuristic Home Gadgets. The next blog which would probably be the last blog on futuristic gadgets, will tell you about some more interesting gadgets that could help you in your daily chores and tasks.

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