Cool Office Gadgets For Gizmo Freaks – Part 2

Technology is moving at a breakneck speed. And every new gadget offers something new or or the other. In the previous blog, we saw 8 futuristic gadgets, that every gadget freak would fancy in his/her office. In this blog, we would list 8 more such futuristic gadgets that’s gonna make your office snazzier and cooler. Some are already available and some will soon be.

So here you go…

9. Bubble Head Webcam

Bubble Head Webcam

We know what are you gonna say: Who uses webcams these days! Granted, they are not so crucial anymore considering laptops and smartphones come with powerful, in-built cameras. But a webcam comes in handy during video conferences. One of the coolest gadgets for your future office with be a bubble Head webcam designed by Eric Zhang. The body of the webcam is made up of copper. The whole device is covered in durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane, so that the little guy could be reconfigured in the way you want. You integrate them in your environment the way you want, place them atop your screen, make it sit on your books or let it climb the ladder.

10.Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer by Ransmeier and Floyd –

Wall-Mountable Wireless Printer by Ransmeier and Floyd

With every passing year, our devices come with less wires or with no wires at all. So, if our computer peripherals also go wireless they would be even more hassle-free. Ransmeier and Floyd designed a wall-mountable and wireless Printer to provide a more direct visual articulation. Looks pretty cool, eh!

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11. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand –

 Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

The stand is made up of a single piece of aluminum which provides a lift to your laptop and transforms it in a stylish workstation. Well, this is not just it. The aluminum panel of the stand acts as a heat sink for your laptops. There is a cable hole in the back to route the wires reducing the clutter. The idea behind this is that it brings the laptop to the eye level of the user, thus promoting a better body posture.

It is compatible with all sizes of Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro. All the 14 inches standard PC and 15 inches’ widescreen PC can also fit in the stand.

12. Apple Magic Trackpad 2 –

Apple Magic Trackpad 2

One more cool gadget for futuristic office gadgets list also includes Apple Magic Trackpad It is a redesigned Magic Trackpad 2 with a built-in battery, Force Touch, a much larger surface, and pairs automatically with your Mac. The trackpad is embedded with four force sensors, which can help detect subtle differences between the pressure you apply. It has edge-to-edge glass surface area and long-lasting power which keeps it powered for about 1 month. The sleek design makes the scrolling and swiping more productive and comfortable.

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13. Universal Touch Screen Pen –

Universal Touch Screen Pen

This one could be the coolest desk gadget for the Graphic Designers out there. As the name suggests, this stylus is 100% compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices, be it Apple, Android or Windows. The tip of the stylus is made soft since the capacitive touchscreens are of non-durable nature. Stylus could act as a small, soft-tipped paint brush and you could even stroke the screen with it.

14. LCD Writing Tablet –

LCD Writing Tablet

This writing tablet uses flexible liquid crystal technology. The display on the tablet depends on the pressure sensors to display text, pictures and graphics. You can erase the screen for about 500,000 times. The erasing of the screen is quite simple and very unlike the traditional way of using the eraser and running it over the entire display. Instead, just press the button provided and your screen will be cleaned and ready for your next task.

It has a thickness of 0.18 inch and weighs around 3.9 ounces. You can use any plastic pen to write on the board, or any small plastic material. Erasing button cleans your screen.

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15. Cable Management System –


Cable Management System CableDrop Multi is a cable management system which is a self-adhesive multi-cable clip to manage your cables. It keeps your charging cables and connectors anchored to the place you need them, prevents it from slipping behind the desks and off flat surfaces. The Cable Drop Multi has 4 channels to hold up to 4 cables. It uses a semi-permanent adhesive tape to stay steady on the flat surfaces. The outer channels have a looser grip, the cables that need to be moved frequently could be put in them. The inner 2 channels have a tighter grip and the cables that are rarely moved from their place could be put in them.

16. Cryptex USB Flash Drive –

Cryptex USB Flash Drive

This office gadget is a great combination of old and new. A new device embedded in an old security technique container. Cryptex is a special container which has mechanical combination lock and a container inside it to secure the things kept inside. People used these types of things hundreds of years ago to keep secrets.

Today Cryptex has engineered a special USB Flash drive, whose design is in accordance with the sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci. It has the same mechanical rotating rings for the lock to protect your digital data. To get access to USB Drive inside the Cryptex cylinder one must know the 5-digit code.

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These were the gadgets that amused us a lot and could prove to be of great use in your office space. Tell us about which you liked the most from the list or something which we didn’t cover.

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