Cool Office Gadgets for Gizmo Freaks – Part 1

Introduction –

In one of the previous blogs, we talked about some of the smart gadgets for working professionals to keep yourself updated. This blog is dedicated to those gadget freaks who want to keep their office space updated with latest gadgets like their home.

Below is the list of some coolest futuristic office gadgets for the gadget freaks or gadgets that will be part of your workspace in the future.

List of Cool Futuristic Office Gadgets

1. Wearable Identity Passes –


Just think about how Identity passes have evolved in the workspace. From the manual entry attendance register in the earlier time we have come to RFID access cards and door access through fingerprint. Not just this, the office itself has been updated with more devices, thus with more passwords to remember. Remembering lot many passwords is humanly impossible.

Nymi Band is here to relieve us of this task. It is a wearable, multi-factor authenticator which is compatible with many application, device or service to deliver Always on Authentication. It stores your identity and allows you to access connected device without the need for entering the passwords every time.

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2. Napkin PC –


The basic idea about this new futuristic Gadget is that “Great Ideas often begin on a napkin”. Napkin PC is a multi-user, multi-interface, modular computer designed for creative professionals to collaborate and bring their greatest ideas to life. There have been a lot developments going around on the napkin concept, but it’s the first of its kind to utilize e-ink and RF-technology. Napkin PC is designed for the working groups, having a set of Napkin PCs and a set of Pens. Anything that you draw with the Pen will be transmitted to the base station which is a PC in disguise. The base station processes the information and displays it on the Napkin like e-ink paper.

3. GLOOO by Igor Polyakov –

GLOOO by Igor Polyakov

We can get all the weather updates, news headlines and check all your contacts just on your smartphones. But the gadget GLOOO by Igor Polyakov is a step ahead in the features. It is a spherical shaped, wireless world browser and communicator in the form of a visual device. This device is based on the technology called Philips’ e-paper. With the help of this technology the spherical shaped visual device can show the state of the planet like global warming, weather, news headlines, and contacts from around the world. This visual device is in-built with touch sensors, camera, speaker, and microphone for video-chatting.

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4. Quartz Tele by Tao Ma –


Though smartphones are very much in at the present, but as per predictions they may start going out of fashion by 2030. But one thing which would remain in fashion is the touch screen functionality. All credits go to the latest invention by Tao Ma i.e. Quartz Tele. It is a telephony system which is built using a Quartz Crystals for each number on the dial pad. Each crystal is embedded with an LED. When you press the numbers the crystal illuminates like a transformers energon cube.

5. Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Digital Graphics –


This futuristic gadget would add the digital touch to the work of Graphic designers and painters. This gadget comprises of a digital canvas and a pressure-sensitive pen. You can sketch, paint, design and edit using the pen and digital canvas. Intuos is creative and powerful tool for the designers as they can draw lines and figures in paint, pastels, ink, charcoal and many more. The Intuos Art Pen has 1024 distinct pressure levels which makes it remarkably sensitive. Hence, it can perfectly mirror the brushstrokes and lines with natural feel and movement. It has a multi-touch gestures which helps in zooming, scrolling or navigating through the artwork. It has customizable Expresskeys that work as shortcut keys for most frequently used functions.

The work developed on Intuos system is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign all Autodesk and Corel programs.

6. Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner –


The most liked feature about the new devices is that they are becoming wireless. Now we have the Wireless Rechargeable Document Scanner Doxie Q. It will give you the great mobility and ease of scanning the document anywhere and anytime with no requirement of PC. Some of the features of it are rechargeable battery, collapsible automatic document feeder, in-built memory, integrated Wi-Fi and some Mac, PC, and iOS apps.

Doxie is engineered in a way to give it a small size and a simple to use mechanism with no need of any special drivers. The paper feeding in the Doxie is very simple. The Mac and PC apps lets you sync the scanned copies via USB or Wi-Fi to your desktop to organize them in the manner you need them.

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7. Wireless Phone Charging Mats –


Well, wireless charging is not that completely a new concept. The available wireless chargers in the market requires phone to be in direct contact with the charging mat. Since, the future is more about cooler and contact less devices. In the future, you will be able to charge your phone from 4 and a half centimeters distance away from the charging mat. This could be achieved by the resonance charging technique.

8. Energy Saving Adapters by Gilles Belley –


The global responsibility of us Today is to save our planet from the adversities of extinctions of non-renewable energy resources. And to do that we all need to start at our own individual levels. Gilles Belley designed an Energy Saving Adapters which is built with smarts in them. Gilles Belley found that the electrical devices consume 10% more electricity in the standby mode. The energy saving adapters has a set of adapters with each module corresponding to a device and monitors its power consumption. The adapter will automatically turn off the equipment if they are left unused for a long time. Each individual module has lights which glow to indicate if the energy is wasted.

Almost everyone of us spend around 40 to 45 hours in a week in our office. These futuristic gadgets don’t only make your work easy but add some fun to your workplace. In the next blog, read about 8 more such cool futuristic gadgets for your office.

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