Free YouTube Alternatives For New Dose Of Entertainment!

When it comes to videos and audio entertainment, Youtube has taken over the hearts and minds of every individual since its launch. From full-length movies to the latest video songs, short movies to celebrity interviews, can you even think of something which is not available there?

Though the uploaded content from the makers’ side is served by one main server only and it is not in hands of users to manage its work and monetization. Plus new variety that is not being catered by Youtube very specifically is now served at various Youtube alternatives. These could be the tricky reasons that people wish to open up to new choices nowadays.

Even when you wish to crawl up to free Youtube alternatives for various genres and different content, the best options await you to get exposed and explored.

Best Youtube Alternatives 2020

Let’s begin with the list of alternatives to Youtube!

1. DTube


You would totally love this channel because of a similar interface as Youtube, to begin with. Its decentralized attitude and no central server are other pluses, unlike Youtube. Moreover, even after the decentralization, the data remains absolutely secure due to blockchain storing. And yes, this is why your videos remain secure and piracy free! Cool, right?

Another amazing feature is definitely no advertisements to annoy in between the videos. Moreover, users also get to earn cryptocurrency revenue through the DTube community. Now you are opening up to more options, right?

2. Vevo


Get music and entertainment right into your screen, and in an awesome quality with Vevo which can be considered as a perfect Youtube alternative. If you love to watch big-screen videos while listening to cool songs then Vevo is a perfect choice. Sony Music and Universal group are both major contributors to the content and this is one of the reasons Vevo is gaining so much fame everyday.

Talk about numbers and this alternative to Youtube has more than 1.1 billion hours view per month, has a stock of 400 thousand videos with streaming methods through Youtube, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Now TV, etc.

3. Dailymotion


A powerful Youtube competitor and a successful Youtube alternative for many years, Dailymotion possesses trending videos, categories, and is very clean for a user to understand. Just type anything in the search bar above and you will get all the related videos of the same search content. Users are mostly free to upload their videos here and face lesser harsh rules than Youtube puts over them.

Though HD quality video uploading is available only to Pro users only, professional-quality clips in the Featured column make it one of the best Youtube alternatives.

4. Vimeo


Thanks to Vimeo for making you forget Youtube because of its classy concept of sharing creative works at the forefront. Interestingly, it was created by film-makers and videographers for a similar purpose. At one point you can say that Vimeo is not exactly in Youtube genre but on another side, you will be satisfied by the quality Vimeo offers. Open it and find a bundle of creative video network right there, enough to grab your attention for long.

This eye-delight doesn’t have many distractions, along with the benefits of customized privacy. If you ever face problems in uploading content and need customer services, the Vimeo forum is way ahead of Youtube, for sure.

5. Metacafe


This Youtube alternative takes care of a very important feature: avoidance of video duplication on any other website. This community-based video-sharing website has an amazing list of short length videos from various range of classes including entertainment, sports, movies, news, video games, etc.

Another attraction within Metacafe is its reward system that also provides revenue generation from the content uploaded. Its 90 seconds’ average length of a video is a slight drawback and cannot entertain people for a longer duration.

6. Veoh


Finally, you have reached a place that doesn’t bother you with video uploading capacity. Veoh allows the creators to upload a tiny or a large video with such ease that you don’t want to switch to Youtube again. This free Youtube alternative even allows sharing of the content with friends or family without a tough bar in front.

Choose any video genre like horror, comedy, drama, news, etc. and get accustomed to diversification. The range of music is itself amazing for all the Rock, Jazz, Latin or Metal fans. Give it a try to this Youtube alternative and have a great entertaining time!

7. 9GagTV


From funny, animated, gaming, food and whatever you can think of is present at 9GagTV. In fact, if you are a Facebook user, you must have gone through many short videos through the channel. Apart from videos, you get to enjoy memes, Gifs and much more for a full-proof enjoyment.

So if you are waiting at the airport and looking for pure fun, there is no other place other than 9Gag. There could be some videos NSFW, make sure you choose the videos accordingly with this Youtube alternative.

8. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Owned by Sony Entertainment, Crackle is one of the best Youtube alternatives and provides content from platforms like 20th Century Fox, Miramax, Walt Disney, etc. along with the original shows for the web.

Available in 21 countries and 3 languages, this platform is best for killing time with quality and quantity material at the same time. Even if this channel is not available in your region, VPN services for Windows and Mac are present for your service.

9. Twitch


The moment you open Twitch, you will be surprised and happy with live sports streaming on your screen. Owned by Amazon, this could be considered as a great alternative to Youtube who is fans of sports, live music, festivals, and concerts. Explore the popular categories, game channels, and more of them with Twitch.

10. Ted Talks


We believe you are no more estranged from Ted Talks as of now. Want a new perspective on life or motivation to get along with life’s problems, land here! There is no way you will leave this place without learning something creative and new. Pick anything from the suggestions or just roll over the topics including technology, design, business, science and more.

You can even filter through language and duration of a video to decide what to watch today! You wouldn’t stop calling Ted Talks a better Youtube alternative once reaching here!

Final Words!

So if you are planning to switch from Youtube and looking for better alternatives, you have been actually checking the right list. We do not want an abrupt end of your entertainment and hence would love to recommend other lists as well.

It is advised to try every Youtube alternative before landing on a particular conclusion. It is because some of them have high-quality music videos whereas some have a great game sequence. Likewise, every streaming service has some or the other uniqueness to note for. Check them all out and let us know which one did you pick in the comment section below. Your suggestions and feedbacks are also welcomed here!

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