Free Marriage Counseling Apps Will Give Your Marriage Another Chance!

Saying ‘I Do’ at the altar is a moment enough to stay together for life, share happiness and make a happy family till the end. This path goes on beautifully with little ups and downs until a rough patch appears, resulting in separation. We understand how painful it is emotionally, financially as well as when your child’s custody comes to mind.

Yet when you calm down and want to make this marriage smooth once again, counseling helps in sorting the overall situation. Now comes the heavy fees that counselors apply on your neck, probably for an hour or so, couples who can’t afford to find themselves tensed. For such a case, we are letting you know some free marriage counseling apps so you both can work out things efficiently and pass-through this life’s glitch together.

Basic Marriage-Divorce Statistics!

According to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner, the good news is that the divorce rate is getting low but even the marriage rate! When it comes to measuring divorce per 1000 women, it has nearly doubled since the 1980s and touched an all-time high peak. They also say that around 41% of marriages in the U.S. are now ending in divorce. Even the chart below shows where the US is standing in it.

Marriage-Divorce Statistics

How We Are Becoming Mediators Between Couples?

Don’t worry, we are actually not! Although we may help you in such a tangled situation by recommending free couple counseling applications. As you move ahead with them on your phone, there are quite a lot of chances to save major bucks and sort it comfortably anywhere you both like.

 “Clear The Air In Between You & Your Spouse Through Marriage Counseling Apps”

1. Lasting

Also described as a ‘Marriage Health app’, this marriage counseling app is presenting a positive side in couples’ lives. Yes, it is based on deep research on the science of relationships by experts.

Even you alone can download it or else the better option is each downloading it and understanding the present situation. From basic assessment, introduction, and exercises, you can win tons of information through multiple subsections. These subsections offer study results, motivating quotes, relationship experts and much more.

This kind of free marriage counseling lets you stay in your pajamas, think deeply and answer carefree where no other person is listening.


What’s Special?

  • Share your sessions with your partner and compare with each other to detangle the affairs.
  • Watch out other relationship management stories and learn from their assessment.
  • Suitable reminders like messaging the partner and building skills to manage relationships positively are some of the awesome features about this free couple counseling app.

Get Here (Android | iPhone)

2. ReGain

Worried about taking out time for a relationship counselor? Relax and install ReGain in your phone today! If you have any major disagreement, difficulty in communicating with each other or have issues with children and in-laws, schedule an appointment here which is open for you 24/7, first.

Second, there will be your private chat room to talk with the counselor where you can write about yourself, your issues with your partner, and more. As the counselor logs in, he/she will tackle these queries by replying to you back.


What’s Special?

  • This couple counseling app attains licensed and trained family therapists and professes a Master’s degree in respective fields.
  • No limit on the number of messages and chat sessions with therapists.
  • Nominal charges per week which are less than half of the fees of visiting a counselor.

Get Here! (Android | iPhone)

3. My Marriage Counseling Advice

How about getting expert marriage counseling advice and sharing with your partner every day? Probably, one of the best things to come on the same page for both. Not only those who are facing a troubled marriage, but all the couples can keep this free marriage counseling service on their phone to inspire and get inspired by each other’s likings.

My Marriage Counseling Advice

What’s Special?

  • Advice like taking responsibility for your actions, be it good or bad, or giving everything more than expected are displayed. So you must think a few moments before taking any action.
  • Short and crisp information with pictures is another thing that is quite attractive to users.

Get Here! (Android)

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4. Couple Counseling

When the time demands good counseling for the marriage, Couple Counseling becomes a savior! Wonder how? Well, download it for free and ask the experts for any help. You can also connect your partner with the app and let him/her take part in the conversation. Some very basic to-do’s and don’ts which we usually forget will remain handy with you through this marriage counseling app.

Couple Counseling

What’s Special?

  • It provides you with a couple of quizzes to figure out your other half & his choices.
  • You can keep a notebook through the app and write out your feelings about the partner for a record. You may share them later if you wish so.
  • It allows you for self-examination. After all, marriage works from both sides!

Get Here! (iPhone)

Happily Married!

 “Let Your Marriage Age Like Wine”

We believe that our slight tilt towards making your life not just technically but emotionally happy will be welcomed by you all. Download any of these best marriage counseling apps and bring those days backs into your life once again.

Additionally, limit your phone usage:

Studies have confirmed that a 20% annual increase in social media is associated with a 4.32% increase in divorce rates. And those who are limited to it have 11% happier marriages. Interesting, right?

Now when you are committed to making this marriage beautiful, download Social Fever on your Android phone. It is extremely helpful in limiting your phone usage and you can now spend more time with your spouse. Be it helping them in cooking, going out for a walk, or simply having wine together.

The time tracking application for Android can easily help you maintain healthy habits of using phones. It can be used to set the time limit for each application individually and then remind you when you pass the set limit. It can also be used to add the Interests and Family Time etc under the Quality Time. This will help you to put the phone on DND mode automatically and stay distraction-free with your spouse.

In addition to that, it will also give constant reminders after prolonged use of the phone for keeping eyes and ears healthy. The water reminder after the set time will help in keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

Get it now for free from the Google Play Store download button given below-



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