How To Fix Fortnite Lag on Windows PC?

One of the most popular games ever is Fortnite, which has millions of players online at any one moment. How can you acquire a competitive advantage when there are so many players fighting for the top spot—especially when lag is an issue?


What Causes Fortnite To Lag?

There are numerous possible causes for your latency problems.

Throttling by ISP

Throttling by ISP

When an internet service provider (ISP) purposefully slows down your internet connection based on what you’re attempting to do, this is known as throttling. ISPs often take this action to retain data allotments during times of high usage. The purpose of this, according to ISPs, is to reduce network congestion, but this isn’t always the case.

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Obsolete software

It’s crucial to always maintain your software up to date because doing so will keep you safe from new security risks. It is not surprising that ongoing upgrades are necessary given the scale of Fortnite and the amount of daily active players.

Loaded-up servers

It’s extremely conceivable that your lag in Fortnite is caused by overcrowded servers given the millions of daily gamers who are actively competing at any given time. In other words, a server cannot accommodate the volume of gamers.

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Inadequate internet connection

Your home internet connection can impact your Fortnite experience in a number of ways, from router placement to cable quality. Other potential causes include malware, bandwidth-hungry programs, and going over your data limit.

ISP issues

On the other hand, your lag issues can be brought on by your ISP. Unfortunately, you have no control over this at all. Use your mobile data to check the website of your ISP to see if there are any outages there.

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Expert Recommended Methods On How To Fix Fortnite Lag?

As was already stated, it’s crucial to maintain your software updated in order to safeguard yourself from problems like newly discovered viruses, software vulnerabilities, and exploits. This also entails keeping the operating system on your smartphone up to date.

1. Update Drivers

Update Drivers

The network and graphics drivers on your desktop or laptop should be kept up to date to assist you to avoid any incompatibilities that could cause latency or FPS drop problems. Make sure to look for driver updates on the manufacturer’s website for your graphics card.

2. Use An Ethernet Connection

Switching from a Wi-Fi connection to an ethernet cable can provide a more reliable choice to improve your internet connection for devices that support it, such as Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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3. Change the Graphics Settings

Your graphic settings can be changed to reduce potential processing demands. Your system shouldn’t be the source of any lag you feel if it satisfies the following basic criteria. On Windows, open Fortnite and then select Settings > Video from the main menu to change your video settings.

4. Apply a VPN

You can escape server congestion and ISP throttling when playing Fortnite by using a VPN. In fact, VPNs offer a wide range of advantages for online gaming including offering defense against DDoS attacks and reducing ping to make every millisecond matter

Bonus Feature: Use Systweak VPN To Fix Fortnite Lag

Systweak VPN

More than 4500 servers spread over 200 cities and 53 countries are accessible to Systweak VPN users. You may conceal your IP address and location in 200 places spread across 53 distinct nations. Given the benefits listed below, it is clear why Systweak VPN is the best option.

  • You may now view all geographically restricted information in one place while traveling.
  • Systweak VPN offers military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to protect your privacy.
  • Your internet connection will be immediately terminated if the VPN server experiences a problem, guaranteeing that none of your data is ever exposed.

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5. Switch Platforms

Players can play together in Fortnite because it supports cross-platform play across many different devices and platforms. You can opt for playing on your smartphone or desktop if your laptop does not support Fortnite. You can also consider switching to a gaming console as opposed to laptops and smartphones, which should already be tuned for the optimum gaming experience, particularly if the software is updated.

The Final Word On How To Fix Fortnite Lag?

This blog helps users to fix the lag faced by many gamers while playing Fortnite. You can try the various methods mentioned above one by one and check which method improves the Fortnite lag.

Please let us know in the comments below if you have any questions or recommendations. We would be delighted to provide you with a resolution. We frequently publish advice, tricks, and solutions to common tech-related problems. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard, and Pinterest.

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