Five Ways To Swiftly Catch Hold Of Hidden Android Apps

Why would you need to find a hidden app? There could be many reasons. Maybe it’s your teen who is trying to outsmart you by hiding suspicious apps. It could be that there are apps that are hogging your device’s memory, and you aren’t able to figure out which are those apps. Not just that, it could also be a vicious malware that has crept into your device and is eating away some critical personal information. In this blog, we’ll try and rope in all such situations and see how we can keep tabs on hidden apps in Android.

Let’s Get The Dangers Out Of The Way First!

If the hidden Android app is something that you aren’t aware of, chances are you are harboring malicious malware in your Android device. And, we’d urge you to act upon this malware swiftly before it transports your personal information and folders into the wrong hands. So, for that, there are some excellent malware removal apps out there that can help you find and remove malware with a tap.

One such app is Avast Antivirus & Security –

  • Scans your device for malicious files, WiFi network, VPN protection & cleans junk, and Boosts RAM.

Avast Antivirus & Security

  • Protects your privacy with the inbuilt lock option, which can lock your applications with a password or PIN.

How To Find Hidden Apps On Android

Here are some of the easiest yet the most effective ways you can catch hold of the app that has been playing hide and seek (knowingly or unknowingly) –

1. There Is More To The Home Screen That Meets The Eye

Home apps

Wish to find hidden Android apps? You might not have to look anywhere else. They could be right there on your home screen. Now, there is more to the home screen that meets the eye. To view every nook and cranny of the home screen, all you have to do is swipe right and left. There could be several additional screens. To check each one of them swipe until you can no longer swipe the visible icons.

You could also long hold anywhere on the screen and see exactly how many numbers of screens are there.

2. How To Know If A Hidden Android App Is Running In The Background

Hidden Android App

First, there is a hidden app, and on the top of that, it is eating away your RAM. Let’s take it step by step. What we’ll do is we’ll have a look at the phone’s memory usage. Every device immaterial of its model has a baseline set as far as RAM usage is concerned. Once you have this baseline in front of you, compare it with your current RAM usage. This might be very useful in telling you if there is a hidden app or hidden apps running in the background. Wondering how?

In a normal scenario, there will be a slight fluctuation in the baseline RAM usage and your current usage in case you don’t use too many third-party apps. This is normal and nothing to worry about. But, if the difference is large, here’s what can be done – use the Android safe mode and close the most-used apps. Once you are through this step, compare the difference again. And, needn’t worry if you are new to this, here’s everything you need to know about the safe mode in Android.

3. Check The App Drawer

App Drawer

 Now that you have searched every nook and cranny of the home screen, there is yet another place that you should consider exploring, and that is the App drawer.

An app drawer is a place where all your apps appear after they have been installed. If you can’t seem to find your app on the home screen, the chances are that you will be able to find them in the app drawer.

In most Android phones, the app-drawer can be reached by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.

4. Apps Might Be Hidden In A Folder

Hidden In A Folder

Another place where you might find hidden apps on Android is in a folder. This is what a folder on an Android device looks like. It contains a group of several app icons.These days folders can be created both on your home screen as well as the App drawer. So, make sure that you check all your folders on both your home as well as App drawer.

5. Using Settings To Find Hidden Apps


 Mentioning the ways to find all the hidden apps on your Android smartphone,forgetting this method would be pure injustice. You can find all your apps by using a simple setting on your Android phone, which would hardly take you a few taps.

Open the Settings app of your device which is signified by the cog or the gear like icon. Now, the next step might be more or less similar in almost all Android devices. Tap on the Apps & notifications section. SinceI have a Samsung Galaxy handset; I will be tapping on Apps.

Next, you will see a dropdown at the top left corner. Pull the dropdown and tap on All, which will bring all the installed apps right in front of your eyes. You can even choose to sort these apps by size, permissions and special access too. You can also see all the system and default apps installed on your device.

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