How To Find A Compressed Zip Folder On Your Hard Disk?

Compressed files or zip files are like a bundle that contains several files and folders in such a manner that it saves space. However many times, while saving space, we club together with many files and folders that may not be connected to each other. This post attempts to help users locate all the zip files on your hard drive and display them under one interface. So without further ado, let us begin with the steps on how to find a compressed zip folder on your PC.

How To Find  A Compressed Zip Folder on your Hard Disk?

Step 1: Disk Analyzer Pro can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store or by clicking the Download button below.

Step 2: To complete the installation procedure, run the downloaded installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: To open the software, double-click the shortcut created on the desktop.

Step 4: When the app initially begins, a prompt will appear, giving users the opportunity to watch the Disk Analyzer Pro tutorial or skip it by pressing the Continue button.

Disk Analyzer Pro tutorial

Step 5: You’ll next be prompted to select the hard drive partition that needs to be inspected.

hard drive partition

Step 6: The scanning procedure takes time, and the amount of time it takes depends on the number of files you have and the size of your hard disc.

hard disc

Step 7: The results of the scan will now appear on the app’s main screen.

Step 8: To see all of the categories, go to the View tab on the upper tab and then to the Files List.

Files List

Step 9: When you select the compressed files category from the drop-down menu, a new window appears, displaying all of the compressed files on your hard drive.

compressed files

Step 10: If you right-click on any compressed file, a menu of options will display, allowing you to open the file’s parent folder, copy it, delete it, or inspect its properties.

parent folder

Disk Analyzer Pro: Search Your Compressed Files

Disk Analyzer Pro

Systweak Technologies’ Disk Analyzer Pro is a superb piece of software that allows users to inspect the contents of hard discs linked to their PCs. It searches the entire hard drive and organizes all of the data into categories like image files, audio and video files, compressed files, garbage files, and so on. This program will assist users in finding various compressed files on Windows 10.

Why Should I Choose Disk Analyzer Pro?

Disk Analyzer Pro is a comprehensive program that not only locates mp3 files on Windows 10 but also a variety of other file kinds. Here’s a rundown of some of the app’s most notable features.

Reports on disc space usage

File type, file size, attributes, file date, and file ownership can all be used to organize your disc space consumption. By drilling down, you can see which files are taking up valuable disc space.

Use your search criteria to find undesirable files

You can define your search criteria while using Disk Analyzer Pro to look for unwanted files and folders that are taking up disc space.

Locate and remove any unnecessary or temporary files

Every time we surf the Internet, we create garbage files and transient Internet data on our hard drives. Using Disk Analyzer Pro, you’re likely to have hundreds, if not thousands, of zero-size files on your hard disc now.

Find the largest directories and the oldest files

Make a list of the folders that take up the most space on your hard drives, as well as the oldest useless files. You may be able to delete these inactive files immediately, freeing up much-needed storage space.

Look for duplicate photos, movies, and compressed files

On network devices, videos, photos, audio files, and compressed files are frequently replicated across the hard disc. Disk Analyzer Pro can assist you in locating these files and deleting those that you no longer require.

Reports on disc space can be exported to a variety of file formats

You can save your disc management reports in HTML, comma-delimited (CSV), or XML format. Import them into different software for further research, or conduct a time-based study to see how quickly your hard drive is filling up.

The Final Word On How To Find  A Compressed Zip Folder on your Hard Disk?

If you wish to look for compressed files on your computer, Disk Analyzer is the perfect tool. It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to categorize all of the data on their hard drives. This handy utility also removes garbage files and other unnecessary items such as duplicates and zero-sized files. It’s a small program that’s simple to use, and the scanning procedure is lightning fast.

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