How to Search for Audio Files on Your System (2023 Updated Guide)

With everything turning digital, your images, books, documents, audio, and videos are now all stored on your computer. Among these tens of thousands of files, it sometimes becomes difficult to locate your audio /mp3 files. This guide will explain the process to search for audio files using Disk Analyzer Pro on your PC.

Disk Analyzer Pro: Search Your Audio Files With Ease

Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro is a fantastic piece of software created by Systweak Software that allows users to examine the contents of hard discs connected to their computers. It scans the entire hard disc and sorts all of the files into different categories, such as image files, audio and video files, compressed files, junk files, and so on. This software will help its users on locating all sorts of audio files and is the best answer to how to find mp3 files on Windows 10

How To Search For Audio Files On Your Computer? (2023)

Step 1: Install Disk Analyzer Pro from the Microsoft Store or click on the Download button below.

Step 2: Execute the installation file downloaded and carry out the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Double-click on the shortcut created on the desktop to open the software.

Step 4: When the app launches for the first time, a prompt will be displayed that provides users with options to check out the Disk Analyser Pro tutorial or skip it by clicking on Continue.


Step 5: Next, you will be asked to choose the hard disk partition that needs to be scanned.

hard disk partition

Step 6: The scanning process does consume time and it depends on the number of files and the size of your hard drive.

scanning process

Step 7: The main screen of the app will now load with the results of the scan.

Step 8: Click on the View tab on the upper tab and then click on the Files List to display all the categories.

Files List

Step 9: Click on the Audio Files category from the list and a new window will appear displaying all the audio files in your drive.

Audio Files

Step 10: Make right-click on any audio file and a list of options will appear where you can open the parent folder of the file, copy the file, delete it or check the properties.

Why Choose Disk Analyzer Pro?

Disk Analyzer Pro is a complete tool that is not only used for finding mp3 files on Windows 10 but also for various other file types. Here is a summary of some of the features of this amazing application.

Disk space consumption reports

Organize your disc space usage by file type, file size, attributes, file date, and file ownership. Examine which files are consuming your important disc space by drilling them down. If you manage your data storage wisely, your present hard disc is likely large enough for your purposes.

Search unwanted files with your search criteria

When using Disk Analyzer Pro to check for undesirable files and folders that are taking up disc space, you may specify your search criteria.

Find and delete junk and temporary files

We create trash files and transient Internet files on our hard discs every time we surf the Internet. Today, you most likely have hundreds – if not thousands – of zero-size files on your hard drive by using Disk Analyzer Pro

Locate the biggest folders and oldest files

Make a list of the folders that take up the most space and the oldest unused files on your hard discs. You might be able to delete these useless files right away, freeing up some much-needed storage space.

Find duplicate images, videos, and compressed files

Videos, photos, audio files, and compressed files are frequently replicated across the hard disc on network devices. Disk Analyzer Pro can help you find these files and delete the ones you don’t need.

Export disk space reports to external file formats

Your disc management reports can be saved in HTML, comma-delimited (CSV), or XML formats. Import them into another program for further analysis, or run a time-based study to observe how quickly your hard disc is filling up.

Additional Information = How To Search for Hidden Audio Files On Your Windows PC?

  1. Launch File Explorer.
  2. Hit the View tab in the top-left corner.
  3. Check the Hidden items box to show all the hidden files and folders.

In this way, you can easily locate hidden files from your Windows PC/Laptop without any hassles.

The Final Word On How To Search For Audio Files On Your Computer (2023)

Disk Analyzer is the best application if you want to search for audio files on your PC. It is a complete tool that allows users to group all the files on their hard disk into various categories. This useful tool also clears junk files and other unwanted files like zero-sized and duplicates. It is a lightweight app and very easy to use and above all the scanning process is very fast.

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