Features of Screen Recording Software That Can Help You Enhance Productivity

A screen recording software is a must-have tool if you are someone who has to demonstrate on-screen activities to your intended users frequently – As in the case of tutorials, gameplays, troubleshooting customer queries, relaying online meetings to absent users or for future reference, and so on. 

Overview – Every Feature Has Its Brilliance

We have already covered some of these applications of a screen recording tool in this post. But what are the various features of a screen recording tool that can help you enhance your productivity, and most importantly, how can you use these features to your advantage? After all, if you have a clear perspective of when to use a feature, you would be able to gain maximum out of a screen recording tool, wouldn’t you? 

For this post, we will use Advanced Screen Recorder, regarded as one of the best screen recording software for Windows.

Advanced Screen Recorder – At a Glance

Advanced Screen Recorder

Platform: Windows 

Company Name: Tweaking Technologies

Price: $39.95 (free trial available, for more info, read “Premium Vs. Trial”)

Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Hard Disk Space: Minimum 2 GB free space, SSD for better performance

Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher

Premium Vs. Trial 

  • The “Premium Trial” version allows you to record two videos with no restrictions on the time limit, and there won’t be any watermark on the two videos. 
  • Post the “Premium Trial”; you can record videos for some time of 10-minutes, and they will have a watermark on them. 

Various Features of A Screen Recording Tool

Here are some notable features of a screen recording tool like Advanced Screen Recorder.

Note: The features mentioned below are not all-inclusive. They vary from product to product. The intent of enlisting these features is to give a broad idea of how the various features of a screen recording tool can help you increase your productivity around various day-to-day activities.

1. Screen Record Selected Region

You can record the full screen, a selected window, or even a selected region of your screen. 

Select Region

A utility like Advanced Screen Recorder also lets you record your webcam. One of the best aspects of using a webcam while recording your screen is using the webcam overlay feature and recording yourself while recording the screen. 

Here you can choose the overlay position and adjust other settings as well.

How Can This Feature Enhance Productivity?

You might want to capture the on-screen activities of a particular region. The activities might be taking place in a specific window, at a selected region on your desktop, or even on your complete desktop (For example, you want to show your user the entire desktop with all folders and the application that’s running). Advanced Screen Recorder has various recording modes where you can select the region and capture it.

2. Schedule Recording

Some of the best screen recording software offers the ability to schedule screen recording, and Advanced Screen Recorder is one of them. Here you can automate the screen recording task by deciding what date it should start, stop, the area you want to capture, and the kind of audio settings you want.

How Can This Feature Enhance Productivity?

There are times when you might want to schedule your screen recordings based on the activity you are performing. Have a look at the screenshot below. Here we have created two schedules for two different activities.

Similarly, you can have separate recording schedules for various activities such as webinars, office meetings conducted via various video conferencing platforms, online classes, etc., and you can tweak the settings accordingly, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Schedule Recording

3. Record Screen Video With Audio

When recording the screen activities, it’s not just the video that matters. Hence, the best screen recording software for Windows also lets you have complete control of the audio. You can choose to record all sounds from your computer, including video, music, app, and other system sounds. If you use the microphone, you can record that as well. Furthermore, you can easily manage your audio devices as well. 

How Can This Feature Enhance Productivity?

As we said, audio is also an important factor when recording activities on the screen. Your audience should be able to listen to the audio of the activity you are performing. For instance, if you are recording gameplay or a tutorial that involves the apps on your desktop, you should have enough controls to have on-point system audio. You might want your microphone audio clearer when recording a video conference than anything else.   

Save An Extra Audio File While Recording

When recording your computer’s screen using Advanced Screen Recorder, you can choose to Save an additional audio file. This way, the audio from the video will automatically be separated, and you can work on either or both easily.

4. Auto Split and Auto Stop

With the Auto Split feature, and you can split a video recording into multiple files depending on the file size or time duration assigned. 

Auto Split

Similar to Auto-Split, with Auto-Stop, you can even stop your recording automatically when it reaches a particular time or size. Furthermore, you can choose a stop plan soon after your recording stops.

Auto Stop

How Can This Feature Enhance Productivity?

Splitting a recording into multiple files can be handy when you wish to have distinct video recordings. Let’s say your goal is to make short screen recordings of 1 minute each or assume you don’t want a video recording file to exceed 5 MBs.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have an overview of the features a screen recording software entails, do give one a spin. We’d also like to know in the comments section below which is your favorite screen recording tool and why? For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. 

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