Emergency SOS on iPhone: What Is It & How To Use?

Emergency SOS is not an abbreviation for the curious minds but a distress signal, built in the early 90s using the Morse code. All the iPhone 11 or above phones have this feature embedded for an early local call in case of urgency.

As Apple is regularly taking steps towards health and safety, iPhone SOS is worth a shot that can easily connect you to 911 when the sleep button is pressed 5 times or side buttons are long pressed. Yes, this feature has also been added very recently to provide a shield from dangers. Apart from this, you can add emergency contacts side by side so your trusted ones get an emergency alert along with current location, and they can act positively when in need.

How To Use iPhone Emergency SOS

Let’s just see how to begin the process and prepare the iPhone for such a crucial stage!

Stage 1: Update Your iPhone!

Because updating not only keeps your phone away from old bugs but it also lets you explore the latest features without any worry. And definitely, you are already aware that the SOS feature works on and above iOS 11, its best to move ahead with updating.

For the same, reach out to Settings > General > Software Update and follow the screen pop-ups. If you are already up to date, just begin with SOS activation.

Stage 2: Activate Emergency SOS

Though this option is already enabled in your phone, it will not automatically connect with a press of the button. To actually enable it, open your Settings > Emergency SOS and toggle on ‘Auto Call’.

Activate Emergency SOS

Stage 3: Toggle Off Countdown Sound

When you slide down this page, you can find another switch called ‘Countdown Sound’ which is also enabled. This feature produced 3 loud beeps when an emergency call is being made. Yes, it is a good feature when the button is pressed accidentally but in some instances, it might not prove beneficial. Better toggle it ‘Off’ to avoid any further mishaps.

Toggle Off Countdown Sound

Stage 4: Time For Emergency Contacts

Along with setting emergency SOS, it is best to set up emergency contacts in your phone using the Health app. Once these contacts are added, they will promptly receive your location and a message once the emergency button on the iPhone is pressed.

To activate this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Health app and tap on the Medical ID tab.
  2. Create your medical ID or if it is already created, tap on ‘Edit’. Locate ‘Add Emergency Contact’.
  3. Here, choose a contact and tag your relationship with them.
  4. Tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Time For Emergency Contacts

Ready For An Emergency Alert

We will tell you now what you need to do to make an emergency call in the time of need.

  • All the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus users:

Press and hold the right side button + any one volume button (be it low or high) until the slider option appears on the screen.

Keep on pressing these emergency buttons on iPhone till the counter runs from 3, 2 and 1. And now your phone will automatically make a call to emergency services.

  • For iPhone 7 Models and Earlier

Press the side button 5 times in a row! Once done, your phone will prompt an “Emergency SOS” slider if AutoCall is not enabled. And if it is enabled, it will start the countdown and the call will be made automatically.

Once the call ends, a message will be sent to the trusted contacts and alert them about your situation.


We never know what the next day will show us. And your preparedness before is something you shall not miss using iPhone’s emergency SOS. Though iPhone users can pick this option at one end, others can check emergency apps that make the emergency survival a little easier than without them.

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