EIZO Monitor Not Turning On? Here’s How To Fix It!

EIZO monitors are some of the best desktops computers for Cinematographers, Photographers & other imaging professionals. These monitors cost substantially more than most other decent IPS screens. Since it has a built-in monitor calibrator that ensures the colors and illumination is always right. EIZO Monitors have long been the choice of several professional videographers and photographers.

While setting EIZO Monitor is a rather straight-forward process, but if you do encounter problems in switching it on, there are some advanced solutions that usually experts do not suggest attempting. Until and unless you have microelectronics experience, you should not try any advanced fixes!

So, we’re going to recommend some other basic fixes that might solve your problem with this best desktop computer in the first place.

EIZO Monitor Not Turning On

Common Reasons & Fixes To “EIZO Monitor Not Switching On” Issue!

Discussed are some basic troubleshooting methods you can try to solve the issue:

1. EIZO Monitor Should Properly Be Powered

When you’re troubleshooting, always start with the obvious stuff.  Check whether the EIZO Monitor is powered on or not. Sometimes there can be issues with the cable which may cause the display problems. Since the company uses standard PC power cables, you can easily go with the generic ones.

These cables usually cost around $10-30, which is undoubtedly a tiny investment than replacing or buying some other best desktop computer.

2. A Faulty Video Cable Can Be An Issue

If your EIZO Monitor is still not turning on with the new cable, then there can be a probability that a defective video cable is causing the issue. So, inspect the video cable and connectors for any damage. Observe the sharp bends or breaks in the cable or broken pins at the connectors. Check for debris, dirt or other obstructions. Go for cleaning the connectors is needed.

If it’s not working, you can even try using a new cable with the graphics card connected to the monitor. If it worked, then you know that buying a new cable would probably fix your issue.  Checking different ports on your graphics card should not also go unnoticed. Sometimes Ports also fails!

3. Go For Testing Another Display

If you have an HDMI out on your desktop computer, try plugging it into your TV. If you observe the television getting the signal but your EIZO Monitor is not receiving any input. Then, unfortunately, the monitor is the problem. But in case, your Television isn’t getting any signals, then it’s the Graphics Card that is creating a problem.  

4. Graphics Card Or Outdated Drivers Can Be The Issue

If your Graphics Card has multiple output ports, try a different port for your cable to see if the port is the issue. Even you’re on AMD or NVIDIA, output ports can also fail.  If the process clears your doubt, try contacting your retailer to get a refurbished card.

You might also need to update your device drivers. Any software changes can impede functionality. If through any way you can get the display to appear, maybe on another monitor or through another port, do check whether all your device drivers are up-to-date or not.

Confused, how to check and update device drivers?

Well, a dedicated driver updater utility like Advanced Driver Updater can be of great help to find and fix all the faulty, old, damaged, corrupted or missing drivers. The software auto-scans your entire desktop computer to locate the driver issues and with just one-click, you can repair all the drivers at once. Advanced Driver Updater supports hundreds of device drivers and you can even set the scheduler to often check driver updates every week or month.


The driver updater utility is compatible with almost all Windows versions and supports more than ten languages including French, Spanish, German, Japanese & Russian.

Fix Outdated Drivers With Advanced Driver Updater

Want to know how to use Advanced Driver Updater & its other features? Refer to our complete guide!

Hope these solutions help you to fix the “EIZO Monitor Not Switching On” Issue. If you know some other fixes that are worth trying, do drop them in the comment section below!

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