5 Easy Ways You Can Share Apps on Android

The popularity of Android OS and Android devices needs no mentions, and when you talk of an Android device, the first thing that comes to mind after features is the ocean of apps that you can have on your device. Apps are such an essential part of an Android phone. They make your life simple and productive; they entertain you and do so much more. They even let you share files of any size. But, ever wondered how you can share apps on Android?

To begin with, there is not just one way but several ways to share apps on Android, and we are going to discuss all such methods.

Easy Ways To Share Apps On Android

1. Share Android Apps Directly from Google Play Store

Play store

In the first method, we will talk about how to share apps on Android via the Google Play Store. This method is applicable for all purposes, whether you are sharing an app that you’ve already installed or a new app that you want your friend to check first.

    1. Open Google Play Store
    2. In the search for apps & games on the top type, the name the app that you want to share or you can even select apps from the categories just below the search for apps & games such as Family, Editor’s Choice, etc
    3. Tap on the name of the app once again till you enter the information page of the app
    4. At the topmost right-hand side corner, you will see three vertical dots, click on them
    5. Click on the Share button
    1. Choose a medium through which you want to share the app. It could be via an emailing app like Gmail, through any of the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype or you can even save the link for later use on any of the popular note-taking apps

2. Sharing Apps on Android Via App Settings

App Settings

Now, let’s say a friend of yours really likes a game or app that he or she recently saw on your device and wants it immediately. Even after searching a lot on the Google Play Store, they are still not able to find the app or game. You can now make things easier for them by following the steps mentioned below –

  1. Ask your friend the name of the app
  2. Long press the app till the options like the ones in the screenshot hover
  3. Tap on App info
  4. Scroll down to App details in-store which is the last section and tap on the only option there
  5. You will now be taken to the exact information page of the app on the Google Play Store
  6. At the topmost right-hand side corner, you will see three vertical dots, click on them
  7. Click on the Share button

Alternatively, if you have different settings, you can try repeating the same steps above by –

  1. Opening the Settings app on your Android device signified by a cog icon
  2. Tap on Apps
  3. Tap on the app that you want to share
  4. Scroll down till you reach the App details in the store section. Click on the only option
  5. You will now be taken to Google Play Store where you can tap on the three vertical dots at the farthest topmost right-hand corner and tap on Share

3. Download An App Which Lets You Extract APK

Extract APK

There are several APK extractors apps for Android available on Google Play Store which extract APKs of almost all applications. Once converted into an APK, you can use any of the above methods and transfer applications to another Android device. You can also keep a backup of these APK files so that in the future if any mishap happens, you at least have the APKs from which you will be able to install the app back on to your Android device.

4. What About Apps That I Have Not Downloaded From Google Play Store?

Google PlayStore

Google Play Store is not the only place from where you can download apps. There are several Google Play Store alternatives from where you can install some spectacular apps. For instance, there are several apps which help you convert YouTube videos to MP3, but they are not available on Google PlayStore and have to be downloaded separately. So, the question is, is sharing such apps on Android possible?

Sharing such apps is even easier as in that case, apps are saved in APK format. You might want to know how to share APK files –

  1. Open your file manager
  2. In most cases, you will see APK installation files just where all the categories are placed
  3. Click on the APK file that you want to share
  4. Select Share from the bottom of the screen
  5. Choose the medium using which you’d like to share the APK file

5. Sharing Apps Via File Sharing Apps

Several file-sharing apps can let you transfer any size of files on another Android device, no matter big or small. Many of these file sharing apps for Android even support NFC sharing functionality too,  provided your Android device supports NFC sharing.

Sharing apps on Android is such a common and simple phenomenon. Should you now need to share an app with a friend, you will easily be able to by using one of the ways mentioned above. If you have more such ways to share apps on Android devices, shoot them down in the comments section below. For more such content keep reading We The Geek.

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