How To Customize Touchpad Gestures In Windows 11

The laptop touchpad is an essential component of all laptops, and it has evolved from a simple mouse replacement to a useful tool for quickly performing activities and navigating the operating system. You may personalize gestures on a Windows 11 laptop that supports them to perform exactly what you want. We’ll walk you through the steps to personalize touchpad gestures on your Windows 11 computer in this article.

Before you get started, keep in mind that not all Windows laptops allow you to customize trackpad movements using the Settings program. Native customization is only available on laptops that have Windows Precision Touchpad drivers installed. Proprietary trackpad drivers are used on older and even some newer computers, and they do not provide the same functionalities as Windows Precision Touchpad drivers. If you don’t see the settings indicated in this post, you have a few options:

  • Examine the touchpad drivers that have been installed. Without a functioning driver, the Settings program in Windows 11 would not allow you to configure touchpad motions.
  • Personalize the trackpad with third-party apps. Laptops that don’t have the Windows Precision Driver normally come with a different tool for customizing trackpads, and the outcome will be determined by the software’s robustness.

Ways To Customize Touchpad Gestures In Windows 11

1. Change The Default Touchpad Gestures In Windows 11

Step 1: To examine touchpad-related options, launch the Settings app using the  shortcut “Win+I” and select “Touchpad” from the “Bluetooth & devices” section.

Step 2: The choice menu to alter three-finger and four-finger touchpad gestures may be found under the “Gestures & interaction” header.

windows touchpad gestures

Step 3: To adjust the swipe and tap actions, expand them.

Step 4: You can now customize how the swiping feature works. You can alter the audio and volume, switch programs and show desktop, switch desktops and show desktop, and modify the audio and loudness.

Step 5: Similarly, the three-finger tap action may be set to activate search, notification center, manage media playback, or act as the middle mouse button.

windows touchpad gestures

Step 6: Scroll down and select “Advanced gestures” to configure the gestures separately.

Adjust The Sensitivity Of The Touchpad In Winows 11

Step 1:  Go to Settings by pressing Windows + I and then select Bluetooth & Devices.

Step 2: Select Touchpad and then expand the “Taps” section to modify the sensitivity of the touchpad.

customize touchpad gestures on your Windows 11

Step 3: Here, select “Touchpad sensitivity” from the selection list.

Step 4: You can now adjust the touchpad’s sensitivity based on the current touch response. Choose from Most sensitive, High sensitivity, Medium sensitivity, and Low sensitivity.

customize touchpad gestures

Step 5: You may also modify the scroll and zoom settings to change the scrolling direction and pinch-to-zoom settings while you’re at it.

Reset Touchpad Gestures In Windows 11

You may always reset the gestures for a new start if you tweaked a lot of things and it became confusing.

Step 1: To begin, go to Settings by pressing Windows + I and then locate Bluetooth & devices

windows touchpad gestures

Step 2: Next click on Touchpad and expand the Touchpad section.

Step 3: Then, next to “Reset touchpad settings and gestures to defaults,” click the “Reset” button.

Step 4: All of the adjustments you made to touchpad gestures in Windows 11 will be undone, and the default settings will be restored.

The Final Word On How to Customize Touchpad Gestures in Windows 11

So there you have it: how to personalize touchpad movements in Windows 11. You can experiment and set up useful shortcuts to boost your productivity by utilizing the versatility of advanced gestures. If you make a mistake, you may simply reset the touchpad settings to restore the default gestures.

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