7 Best Apps to Boost Productivity At Workplace

Our days are now much more busier than what they were 10 years back. Multi tasking has become essential for us in the fast paced lifestyle that we lead. Professional lives are now more demanding and so are the personal relations. If you find yourself struggling to complete your tasks, being more efficient and maintain a work life balance equilibrium, don’t worry, you’re not the only one in the boat! Most of us face the constant dilemma of how to manage our work life and also perform well to move up the professional ladder.

That indeed needs a lot of organization which is next to impossible with so many tasks at hand. Which is why to kickstart the New Year here is a list of 7 best productivity apps that you can download on your device to help you manage your workspace!

Best Apps to Boost Productivity At Workplace

1. Wunderlist


Let’s start with the app that will help you maintain a good work life balance! This app, which is available across almost all platforms on desktop as well as smartphones is one of the oldest productivity apps. The beauty about the app is that it has a very simple to use interface which makes it a good option when you want a group to have a common productivity app. Coming to that, the app allows you to share and manage your lists with others on your network. It has many features such as, creating to-do list, printing them, sharing them with others, setting targets and also lets you sync with other devices. The app will remind you to complete your tasks at regular intervals or as set by you. You can add notes on the go as well.

2. RescueTime


This is for those who find it tough to manage their time and tasks. If you feel that your work life is spilling into your personal life then this is the app for you. Rescue Time runs both on mobiles as well as desktop. It gives you numbers on the amount of time that you spend on apps and websites. The app allows you to set custom time that you wish to spend on an activity. At the end of the day it will let you know the number of tasks that you could achieve in the day. It goes to the extent that it shares with you the time that you spent in meetings and even on emails. Yes! it can get overwhelming for some at certain point of time. Well don’t worry the app lets you put a pause to your time and activity tracking. Feel distracted by the social media websites? Don’t worry, you can also block them. You have both free as well as a paid version.

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3. Inkflow


This one is for the visual thinkers or the creative souls. If you love doodling or capturing your ideas with diagrams and coloured pens then this is the app for you. Before we further divulge about this app, you should know that this is only compatible with iPad and iPhone. This app enables digital writing by allowing you to write and sketch your thoughts.For those who would like to get into finer details can do so by zooming in and zoom out. As if that were not enough you can also insert images and text boxes.  So go ahead use your creative fingers to make layouts, sketch and draw!

4. Calendly


Tired of too many calendars, meetings, and emails going back and forth to organize a meeting? Well let Calendly rescue you. Avoid last minute meetings. The app streamlines all your calendars from almost all popular business platforms such as Google Calendar and Outlook at one place. The app is a boss at managing meeting time slots, group meetings, that too at different time zones! Make the required entry in Calendly  and all your other calendars will adjust accordingly. So next time you won’t goof up about the time slots! Cherry on the cake, the app allows you to integrate with other business apps such as, MailChimp and Salesforce. Lastly who says breaks aint important? the app also lets you add break time to give you a breather from a heavy day.

5. Zapier


You are going to love Zapier if a considerable amount of your time is spent on emails and social media apps. Zapier will automate all those time consuming and boring tasks that you have to do on a daily basis. For Example, if you get an email on Gmail with an attachment, it will automatically download and save it for you in your Drive. If you get a contact, the app will directly save it in your notes or send you an SMS. For those who have to update with a new Tweet everytime a new number in customer base is achieved, Zapier will do it for you. It can integrate with almost 750 popular apps and has both free as well as paid version.

6. Prezi


Prezi, a presentation making tool is your whiteboard on the go. Use this app to take down notes, add images, text in bubbles, videos etc on it. Once you have made your notes, the app will automatically make a presentation out of it. It uses Adobe Flash to do so. So, make your presentations anywhere, anytime with your team using this app. Prezi also shares the amount of time spent by users on each slide.

7. Evernote


This list would be incomplete without Evernote. It is probably one of the most simple yet effective productivity app to use and is undoubtedly amongst our top few favorites. The best part about the app is that it can be used across both mobile phone platforms as well as desktop. You can also sync the app on your desktop and phone so it can help you manage your day at all times.  You can schedule your day or save your creative ideas while on the go. You can add images clicked on your phone and also add notes to them. Cool isn’t it? There is much more to it!

In a hurry? No time to type? Well go ahead and voice record your notes on the go? You want to do more? Go ahead, record and take down notes at the same time! Phew! The app gives you exhaustive options to record notes, schedule and organise your lists and day. The app has a free as well as paid version. Shell out some money to get added features such as security, sharing and editing with other users, working offline and collaborating with others on projects.

Time is precious and it is important to be able to enjoy both your work and personal life equally. We hope some of these apps come handy to you. Do let us know if you have some other suggestions in the comments section below.


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