How to Get Rid of COM Surrogate Virus on Windows 10

While scrolling through the list of active processes in the Windows Task Manager, have you ever come across the “COM surrogate” virus? In most scenarios, the COM surrogate virus also tags itself as “dllhost.exe” filename. You may see several entries of this specific filename if your PC is infected with a virus or malware. Most of us have absolutely no idea about why this process lists itself in the Windows Task Manager. Well, it’s not a virus or malware but a corrupt system process that may considerably slow down your system’s speed and performance.

COM Surrogate Virus on Windows 10

So, how can you fix COM surrogate virus infection from your Windows 10 device? Let’s learn all about what is the COM surrogate virus, how badly it can impact your system’s performance, and what workarounds you can adopt to remove this virus from your device.

Let’s get started.

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What is COM Surrogate Virus?

COM stands for Component Object Model, and Windows runs the COM surrogate process when the File Explorer needs to generate thumbnail images or videos. Microsoft initially created the COM surrogate processes to deal with COM objects to lead the Windows operating system to use that.

So, whenever a COM object crashed, your device would completely fail, leading to several technical failures. Hence, to avoid these situations, COM surrogate processes were created to deal with the COM objects separately. In this way, even if anything goes wrong with one app or process, your device won’t fail or crash entirely.

Is it Dangerous?

Well, you must be wondering that the COM surrogate process is a smart solution, then how can it impact your system’s performance? As we have learned, COM surrogate processes are a part of the Windows OS and are not harmful.

What is COM Surrogate Virus
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However, there are a few situations when a certain virus or malware may hide inside your device and use a COM surrogate process as a disguise. The COM surrogate process or dllhost.exe file can easily run on your device, and you may not even notice the damage until something goes wrong. Although, if you’re slightly concerned about your device’s performance, we recommend you to run a complete system scan of your device to scan it for possible instances of viruses or malware.

Also, the COM surrogate process is expected to consume about 1-2% of CPU usage. But if you detect anything weird or suspicious, immediately scan your device for potential threats.

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Can We Disable the COM Surrogate Process?

If you’re trying to right-click on the COM surrogate process in the Windows Task Manager and planning to disable it, then you’re a bit out of luck here. The COM surrogate process is a crucial part of the Windows environment, and you cannot disable it via Windows Task Manager. Windows OS uses the COM surrogate process for running File Explorer and other crucial programs for creating thumbnail images and videos.

Although, if you’re susceptible that the COM surrogate process is corrupted or your device is infected with viruses or malware, use a comprehensive antivirus solution to safeguard your device and precious data.

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Systweak Antivirus comes with strong exploit and malware protection and secures your Windows 10 machine against zero-day threats. It adds an extra layer of protection to your device and improves its overall performance by cleaning unwanted/malicious startup items and programs.

Hence, you can install Systweak Antivirus on your Windows 10 device to fix COM surrogate virus or infection. Feel free to hit the comment box for any other queries or assistance!


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