5 Best Free Text Editing Apps For Android In 2021

Edit Texts Easily on your Android Phone with these Apps

For Android Top 10

Top Text Editors For Android

  • 1. Monospace
  • 2. Writer Plus
  • 3. iA Writer
  • 4. JotterPad
  • 5. Text Editor

Smartphone or tablet- Android devices are generally not preferred for productive works like writing. Maybe you dislike typing on virtual keyboards or you haven’t found a good app yet; but it’s always better to perform basic-text editing on a mobile Android device than to carry a big laptop on the go. Therefore, we are listing the 5 best Android text editors in this article you can find as of today.

Note that there is a significant difference between word processors, note taking apps and text editors: –

Word processors are full-fledged software that support various word formats, include different font styles and various other tools, which may not be required. Again, note taking apps consist of features like reminders, notebooks, etc. When in fact, Text editors are applications that edit plain text. Hence, don’t expect the list to contain apps like Google Keep, Microsoft Word or Evernote.

5 Best Text Editors For Android In 2021

Here is the list of 5 best free Android text editing apps:

1. Monospace

monospace text editor

Monospace is one of the best text editing apps for Android, despite its bare-bones appearance. Its UI only contains the most required options, which increases available screen space. Designers have ensured that the user remains least distracted while using the app. Monospace has a single font type that is, its namesake, Monospace.

Monospace supports basic formatting. The only feature that you may find less important in the app is the hashtag-oriented organization feature. Click here to download Monospace.

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2. Writer Plus

writer plus

Writer Plus is another great android text editor that also works like Monospace. The app primarily focuses on minimal utilization of system resources. Therefore, Writer Plus uses less battery and makes sure that the operations are robust and crash-free. Basically, the app is an excellent choice for older or less equipped Android devices.

Writer Plus also includes basic features like Markdown formatting, folder organization, Night Mode, character and word counts, and Undo/Redo functionality. You can use keyboard shortcuts if you are able to connect a physical keyboard to Android device. Click here to download Writer Plus.

3. iA Writer

iA writer

Many users recognize iA Writer as a word processor for iOS and Mac devices. As far as Android devices are concerned, we call it a misnomer. iA Writer can be considered as one of the best text editing apps for Android that is created for a concentrated writing experience. iA Writer is simple yet beautiful.

It has an integrated file browser, which allows users to easily search and open files on your device. The application supports both Markdown and plain text editing. We have the Focus Mode to improve concentration and Night Mode to reduce strain on eyes during less light exposure.

The text editor for Android can export text files in different formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word and even HTML formats. You can also publish your content directly to Medium with iA Writer. You can sync your text files with Google Drive and Dropbox through iA Writer. Click here to download the application. Click here to download the application.

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4. JotterPad

jotter pad

If you are a creative being, you will love JotterPad. The software earns its place in the list of best text editing apps for Android for its creative flair over its counterpart in the list. However, it doesn’t mean that only a creative mind can use this software. Jotterpad facilitates everyone who wants to edit text. The interface of the app helps users to stay distraction-free while editing text.

Jotterpad includes special features like style customizations, typewriter scrolling, phrase finding, custom fonts, and keyboard shortcuts. The app also supports Markdown formatting and exports files to different file formats. The software is free but for advanced features like English rhyme thesaurus and syntax highlighting, you need to buy other advanced editions like Creative ($5.99) and Pro ($14.99). Click here to download the software.

5. Text Editor

text editor

Text editor is a simple Android text editor, which is free and supports tabs. Thus, you can open multiple documents simultaneously. The free app includes features like styling options, 17 colorful themes, option to open recently viewed files, and so on. Text Editor for Android is optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

Click here to download the software.

Conclusion: Best Text Editors For Android In 2021

Every application in the list has its own specialties. For example, if Jotterpad has a creative flair, iA writer can be admired for its simplicity. Hence, have a look at your requirements and decide what’s best for you. However, all of these apps are free or at least have a casual edition that’s free. Thus, you can start using the apps one by one without spending a dime. If the app doesn’t suit you, just delete it!

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  • pets
    I don’t like the permissions some of those apps ask for, for example why would Monospace want to know who my contacts are, it’s just ridiculous.

    3 years ago Reply
    • We The Geek Team
      We completely agree with your concern as it is quite dubious for a simple text editor to access something it’s not related to. In case you have any troubles managing app permissions, please follow the steps listed below.

      Step 1: Go to ‘Settings.’

      Step 2: Click on ‘Apps.’ This will open the list of the apps installed on your Android device.

      Step 3: Tap on the app whose permission you would like to manage.

      Step 4: Tap on ‘Permissions.’

      You will now see a list of all the permission that the app needs. Just toggle on and off the permission that you want to give and deny. That’s it, wasn’t that easy?

      3 years ago Reply
  • Tani
    I liked Jotterpad, but I tend to edit large text documents, and when I imported a file into it every button press took 30 seconds to completely register.
    I liked writer plus but for some reason the cursor wouldn’t show, which made it really difficult to write in.
    I ended up settling with Quickedit Text editor on the play store, it’s very basic, but it gets the job done.

    3 years ago Reply
  • onedroid
    I liked QuickEdit very much…

    2 years ago Reply
  • Keith P.
    For me, a text editor must wrote .txt files (and .rtf for that matter) natively. If the text file can’t be easily read by other platforms, it’s a deal breaker.

    Quick Edit and Jota are the two best apps I have found that use .txt files.

    1 year ago Reply
  • metis
    You’re absolutely right, Keith.
    Unfortunately, the free version of ‘Quick Edit’ is full with annoying ads.
    ‘Jota’ is perfect for those, who need an easy to use text editor for TXT-files. 🙂

    1 year ago Reply
  • Fred Bloggs
    It could be very useful for people like me to know how much space the installed app takes to avoid hoping around to potentially install pages. Just an idea, but a damn useful review. Thanks very much indeed.

    2 months ago Reply
    • Mridula Nimawat
      Thank you for your suggestion, we will add the information.

      2 months ago Reply

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