ChatGPT Voice Feature Goes Public—Your Step-by-Step Guide Here

In the midst of the ongoing OpenAI control saga, there’s a silver lining. OpenAI has just unveiled the ChatGPT voice feature, making it accessible to all users. Initially introduced to paying users in September, this feature is now extending its reach to the broader community of free users.

On X, OpenAI made an exciting announcement: “ChatGPT with voice is now available to all free users. Download the app on your phone and tap the headphones icon to start a conversation.”

ChatGPT’s Voice Feature Breaks Free! Here’s Your Ticket to Seamless Conversations

Users now have the power to engage with the AI using five distinct voices, crafted in collaboration with skilled professional voice artists, thanks to the innovative voice feature. Moreover, the voice assistant derives its spoken content from AI responses, inherently sourced from ChatGPT’s Language Model (LLM) system.

For those eager to experience ChatGPT Voice, the feature is readily available in the app. To engage in a dynamic conversation with the AI language model, users can simply tap the headphones icon. Initiate the dialogue by speaking, and watch as ChatGPT Voice responds in a seamless exchange.

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Initially hailed as futuristic, AI chatbots were praised for their ability to engage in written conversations in a human-like fashion. Surprisingly, ChatGPT’s voice version takes this realism to new heights, incorporating emphasis and detail in all the right places.

The implementation of the ChatGPT Voice feature involves a repository of sounds meticulously recorded by voice actors. Leveraging this comprehensive sample library, OpenAI successfully crafted a model that assembles words and language details in a remarkably realistic manner.

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But, The Timing is Kind of Bad

The decision to unveil this feature was likely made well in advance, but its timing is undeniably unfortunate. OpenAI finds itself mixed up in an executive crisis, marked by the sudden dismissal of CEO Sam Altman. Following the incident, three senior researchers left in support of Altman, and if h is not reinstated, an even greater departure could be sparked by the outpouring of support.

The repercussions of the board’s decision have escalated into a widespread demand for the entire OpenAI board to step down. An astonishing 700 out of 770 employees have agreed to this request.

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Although ChatGPT Voice is undeniably a fascinating feature, it prompts the question: “Could this release have been better timed, perhaps in a week or two?” Regardless, the situation at OpenAI remains unresolved, and now ChatGPT has introduced a new, somewhat novel feature. What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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