Say Hello to ChatGPT-Like Chatbot on YouTube

Say Hello to ChatGPT-Like Chatbot on YouTube

“YouTube is experimenting with state-of-the-art generative AI capabilities to simplify and classify comments according to subject matter. Additionally, they are working on an innovative conversational AI chatbot capable of providing answers to queries related to the video content you’re currently engaged with.”

Google’s latest blog update reveals its commitment to elevating the viewer’s journey on YouTube by introducing two AI-driven tools. These innovations are presently undergoing testing and are exclusively accessible to a chosen group of YouTube premium subscribers. In addition to the innovative conversational AI tool, YouTube is also in the process of testing an AI-powered comment summarization feature for videos.

These two capabilities are part of Google’s larger initiative to incorporate AI into its services. This effort extends from Gmail and Search to its suite of office productivity tools.

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Let us look at the forthcoming AI developments that will revolutionize YouTube.

AI-Powered ChatGPT-Style Chatbot for Videos

AI-Powered ChatGPT-Style Chatbot for Videos

Termed the “conversational AI tool” in Google’s support documentation, this tool is created to address your video-related questions and recommend related videos as well. Furthermore, it can engage you with educational videos by quizzing you on the subject matter. Picture yourself watching a YouTube video, and in the moment, you can inquire about it. Furthermore, the video can suggest related videos tailored to your interests. These possibilities are now within reach, thanks to Google’s upcoming conversational AI chatbot designed for YouTube.

The conversational AI tool is currently only available in English and restricted to specific videos. It can be accessed by Premium subscribers in the United States who are 18 years of age or older, and it is compatible specifically with Android devices. After it is available, you can interact with it by selecting the “Ask” button that is situated beneath the video.

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Summarized Comments by AI

Summarized Comments by AI

In addition to this tool, YouTube has unveiled an innovative AI-driven comment categorization capability. Its purpose is to categorize comments on a video into distinct topics. 

This innovative tool simplifies extensive comment sections by neatly organizing them into manageable themes. As a result, viewers can effortlessly navigate and engage in discussions. When YouTube users access the comment section on mobile for videos, they will notice a fresh “Topics sorting” option. This option not only empowers YouTubers to participate more effectively in comment discussions but also provides insightful data for shaping new content through audience interactions.

Additionally, YouTubers can control the topics of comments by removing certain remarks related to them. YouTube’s blog post highlights the advantages of this feature for video creators, explaining that they can utilize these comment summaries to swiftly dive into discussions within their video’s comments. Moreover, this tool can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for generating fresh content, drawing from the topics their audiences are actively engaging with.

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YouTube’s latest foray into the realm of AI-driven innovations promises to transform the way we interact with video content and engage in discussions. With the introduction of the conversational AI chatbot, viewers can now seamlessly connect with the content they are watching, seeking answers and exploring related videos, all within a single interface. Furthermore, the AI-powered comment summarization feature simplifies the often-overwhelming comment sections, making it easier for viewers to navigate and participate in meaningful discussions.

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