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OpenAI has been diligently enhancing its AI-driven chatbot, ChatGPT, with a series of user-friendly upgrades. In an exciting development, the company has just unveiled its plans to introduce advanced voice and image functionalities to ChatGPT. This upcoming enhancement will empower users to engage with the chatbot by simply speaking their queries, and in return, receive responses that mimic real human-like conversation.

Interacting with the ChatGPT is no longer limited to text prompts.  Now, you have the option to engage with it through voice commands or by uploading images. These exciting enhancements will be available to ChatGPT subscribers within the following two weeks, with a promise that the rest of the ChatGPT users will have access to them shortly after that, as stated by OpenAI.

ChatGPT’s Evolution Continues: Discover Its Voice and Image Wizardry

OpenAI has seamlessly incorporated voice functionality into ChatGPT, transforming interactions into more natural conversations. With just a single click, users can effortlessly verbalize their questions and prompts. This voice feature holds the potential to enrich ChatGPT’s versatility, catering to a wide range of applications, whether it’s answering inquiries or engaging in interactive conversations. 

Users will have the freedom to select from a range of five distinct voices for ChatGPT. However, OpenAI believes that the model possesses far greater potential than this limited set of options.

To start verbal conversations, users can easily access the mobile app’s Settings menu, then choose “New Features,” and finally, opt-in for ‘Voice Conversations.’

OpenAI said “We collaborated with professional voice actors to create each of the voices. We also use Whisper, our open-source speech recognition system, to transcribe your spoken words into text.”

When it comes to images, ChatGPT harnesses the capabilities of GPT versions 3.5 and 4 for training and expertise. It excels in dealing with a wide variety of images, including those containing text. Users can initiate interactions with the AI by either capturing photos or choosing images from their smartphone’s library. The AI model then analyzes the image content and formulates responses derived from the visual input.

Users enjoy a multitude of choices to enhance the precision of their image queries. They have the option to use the in-built drawing tool to add contextual details or annotations to the picture. Additionally, they can input questions with the image or easily integrate image searches with voice or text inputs. This adaptability fosters improved and more interactive exchanges with ChatGPT.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of Google Lens. You capture a photo of your topic of interest, and ChatGPT will endeavor to understand your query and provide a relevant response accordingly.

To utilize image-based queries, users can initiate the process by tapping the photo button to capture or select an image within the ChatGPT. For iOS and Android users, the initial step involves tapping the plus button.

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With these releases, the company aimed to strike a balance by intentionally placing limits on the capabilities of its new models. OpenAI is introducing these features in stages, beginning with Plus and Enterprise users. The company plans to make them accessible on Android and iOS devices first, with a view to eventually making them available on all platforms.

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