Say Hello To Chat GPT 4 – A Smarter AI Bot

The premium version of the ChatGPT chatbot now includes the most recent upgrade to OpenAI’s GPT, known as GPT 4.

What Is GPT 4?


GPT, which stands for Generative Pretrained Transformer, refers to the fact that it leverages Google-invented transformer AI technology and can generate text on its own. A large language model, or LLM, is a sort of AI that learns to recognize patterns and imitate styles through the use of massive amounts of internet data.

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Is ChatGPT 4 Free Of Cost?

However, when there is a lot of demand, ChatGPT may not function properly. OpenAI started selling ChatGPT Plus in January for $20 a month with guaranteed availability and the GPT-4 foundation. To gain their own access to GPT-4, developers can put their names on a waiting list.

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What Are The New Advancements Of GPT 4?

New Advancements Of GPT 4

  • Compared to GPT-3.5, GPT-4 is more dependable, inventive, and capable of handling far more complex instructions.
  • The capacity to take input data that includes text and images is another significant development in GPT-4.
  • Another is improved performance in avoiding AI issues like hallucinations, which are false answers that are frequently given with the same level of apparent authority as true answers.
  • More “steerability” settings are also added by GPT-4. In order to achieve the proper kind of responses, users of large language models nowadays frequently need to engage in sophisticated “prompt engineering,” learning how to incorporate particular indications in their prompts.
  • Users can now define a specific tone or style with the addition of a system command option in GPT-4.

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Your Thoughts On Say Hello To Chat GPT 4 – A Smarter AI Bot

Massive language models are capable of producing astonishing results, appearing to comprehend a wide range of topics and speaking in a natural-sounding, if somewhat stilted, manner. So, in essence, LLM AIs are completely ignorant. They can just combine words in highly precise statistical ways.

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