Apple Blocks BlueMail Email App Updates That Include ChatGPT Tech

Apple blocks an update related to the BlueMail app that included a language model developed by Open AI and is known as GPT-3. Surprisingly enough, this language model is the same one used by Open Ai to create ChatGPT.



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Why Has Apple Blocked The BlueMail Update?


Because of concerns that it might produce offensive content for children, Apple Inc. has postponed approving an update to an email app with AI-powered tools. According to communications between the iPhone manufacturer and the app developer, Ben Volach, co-founder of BlueMail developer Blix Inc., reported by the Wall Street Journal.

BlueMail was urged to change the app’s age classification for those over 17 or apply content filtering after Apple rejected the app update last week because BlueMail might produce inappropriate content for all audiences.

In a tweet, Volach claimed that BlueMail had content screening and that BlueMail is being unfairly singled out by Apple. A stricter age restriction could prevent the app from being distributed to prospective new users. Also, other apps with similar updates and features were available on App Store that were not blocked.

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Why Is Blocking The BlueMail Update Considered A Big Move By Apple?

Blocking The BlueMail Update

Over the past month, we have witnessed Google vs Microsoft over providing their customers with AI-based Search engines. This battle, also known as Bard Vs ChatGPT, has been making news for both the right and wrong reasons. While some have praised the new AI chatbots, others have been critical of the answers and information these AI bots provide.

Apple has made a wise decision by keeping AI bots off its grid for the time we understand a few things about AI chatbots. Some of the things that need to be clarified are:

  • What is the percentage of accuracy of information provided by ChatGPT or Bard?
  • What are the Security and Privacy implications of using these AI Chat Bots?
  • What are the true benefits and limitations of using ChatGPT or Bard?

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Your Thoughts On Apple Blocks BlueMail Email App Updates That Included ChatGPT Tech


Even though the field of AI-powered chatbots is still young, the unpredictable nature of early search results and discussions has garnered media attention. Developers have the ability to appeal a denial through the App Review Board procedure, according to Apple, which said it was looking into the matter.

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